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Guys Be Like Quotes

I used to not like being called a woman architect: Im an architect, not just a woman architect. Guys used to tap me on the head and say, You are okay for a girl. But I see the incredible amount of need from other women for reassurance that it could be done, so I dont mind that at all.
— Zaha Hadid —

The road to rock and roll Heaven is paved by the bleached skulls of guys like me. I had no idea such things were nearly impossible.

— Greg Kihn

If only I could handle my problems like a video-game style battle against a boss. But there are no power-ups in real life. No FTW moment when I can declare total pwnage. I don't even know who the bad guys are.

— Kat Kruger

Careful," he chided with a grin. "First you talk marriage and now you're telling me what to eat. You're sounding more and more like a real girlfriend every day. Just remember, this is still our first date, so keep your hands to yourself tonight. I'm not one of those guys.

— Jennifer Shirk

Who is telling us about the false self today? Who is even equipped tell us? Many clergy have not figured this out for themselves, since even ministry can be a career decision or an attraction to "religion" more than the result of an encounter with God or themselves. Formal religious status can maintain the false self rather effectively, especially if there are a lot of social payoffs like special respect, titles, salaries, a good self image, or nice costumes. It is no accident that the religious "Pharisees" became the symbolic bad guys in the Jesus story.

— Richard Rohr

I swear, guys in groups are capable of the stupidest things."
"Like war," Kellan says, heaping napkins and ketchup packets onto her tray.
"And jumping off rooftops."
"And lighting their farts on fire," she says.

— Jay Asher

I was, like, a brown belt, which is pretty good. I entered a tournament once, and I punched the guy in the throat and got disqualified. I realized - I don't know if you're familiar with "Karate Kid," but the bad guys in that are called Cobra Kai, and they're, like, the evil karate guys. And then when I went to the tournament, I realized that's what we were; we were like the Cobra Kai of the Jewish karate community.

— Seth Rogen

There was one thing Bridget like about guys. They took insults well.

— Ann Brashares

When I play with the full band, you get to be larger than life, you feel larger than life, and that particular moment in the song where there's passion, you've got nine guys behind you, all driving that sound and that feeling with you. That's like surfing a huge wave, because once you start you really can't stop it, you got it going down a huge mountain ...

— Jason Mraz

Just like the NBA, the NFL has guys that can pull off multiple looks, ranging from street style to more dapper, buttoned-up looks, and people are starting to notice.

— Cam Newton

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