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Grab Attention Quotes

Although Im known for my long, colorful locs, I still dont take my hair too seriously. I experiment a lot, dyeing it and constantly switching styles to grab attention. My hair is one of my best accessories, and changing it helps express who I am.
— Ledisi —

When Mama starts to move across a room, people pay attention. You can never be sure she's not going to grab you by the top of the head to steady herself. And she's pretty free with that walking stick, too.

— Bailey White

The faster we surf across the surface of the Web-the more links we click and pages we view-the more opportunities Google gains to collect information about us and to feed us advertisements. Its advertising system, moreover, is explicitly designed to figure out which messages are most likely to grab our attention and then to place those messages in our field of view. Every click we make on the Web marks a break in our concentration, a bottom-up disruption of our attention-and it's in Google's economic interest to make sure we click as often as possible.

— Nicholas Carr

Some genres I'm not a huge fan of but there are always exceptions that break the rules. There are always a few people doing it in a way weird enough to grab my attention.

— Ville Valo

The messages that do grab your attention are connected to memory, interest, and awareness.

— John Medina

I'm Pregnant."
"Huh?" Looking at the pair of shoes I'd been pretending to study, I turned to face Bee, "What did you say?"
"Finally! Bee said, tossing her head back with an exaggerated eye roll. "I said your name three times already, and when that didn't grab your attention, I decided to go dramatic.

— Rachel Hawkins

Don't!" Lillian yelled, and put up her arms when Shane pulled back the bat.
"Hell," Shane spat in disgust. "I can't hit a girl. Here, Claire. You hit her." He tossed her the bat. Claire grabbed it and came to a clumsy batting stance, wishing she'd paid more attention in phys ed. Lillian screamed again and ran into the open doorway of Eve's room. Eve, coming up the stairs, screamed, too, for different reasons.
"Hey! That's my room, bitch!" And she flew in to grab Lillian by the hair, swing her around, and throw her out into the hall, then shoved her toward the stairs. "Michael! This one needs to go out!

— Rachel Caine

Cats are sleek, cats are fast. Cats are ... well ... they aren't mean their just wiley. And they will grab your attention in the most seductive way.

— Julie Newmar

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