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Gotta Love Me Quotes

He looked like every glossy frat boy in every nerd movie ever made, like every popular town boy whod ever looked right through her in high school, like every rotten rich kid whod ever belonged where she hadnt. My mama warned me about guys like you. He turned to her as if hed heard her and took off his sunglasses, and she went down the steps to meet him, wiping her sweaty palms on her dust-smeared khaki shorts. "Hi, Im Sophie Dempsey," she said, flashing the Dempsey gotta-love-me grin as she held out her hot, grimy hand, and after a moment he took it. His hand was clean and cool and dry, and her heart pounded harder as she looked into his remote, gray eyes. "Hello, Sophie Dempsey," her worst nightmare said. "Welcome to Temptation.
— Jennifer Crusie —

I gotta tell you that I love you, Calla," he said, and I was surprised the heart monitor didn't catch the fact it felt like my heart had stopped for a moment. "No bullshit. I do. I love the way you think, even if it's annoying as fuck at times and even then it's still cute. I love that there's a shit ton of things you've never gotten to experience and that you're going to get to experience them with me. That I have that honor. I love your strength and everything you've survived. I love your courage and I love that you make shit drinks, but no one cares, because you're so damn nice.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

You gotta find a life outside this office," he threw out a hand then pinned his eyes on me. "You gotta find a man."
My back snapped straight. "Tack, really-"
He didn't miss my response. He just misinterpreted it.
"Don't go woman on me and tell me you don't need a man to complete you. It's bullshit. Woman looks like you, goddamn waste. But a woman who has the love you got to give, that's not a waste. That's a crying shame."
I closed my mouth because that was sweet.
Then I opened it to remind him, "Uh, FYI, I can't go woman on you since I am a woman, so going woman is redundant.

— Kristen Ashley

I love music so much. I've got something going all the time. I've gotta be singing. I've gotta be creating music, or I'm not happy.

— Ashley Monroe

I understand you love him and UR down/ But that don't mean you gotta be his clown.

— Meg Cabot

I don't want to only ever meet you in the woods, even though I love this. I ... I gotta feel like there's something real beyond these trees. I want to be able to take you on a date. Just ... once.

— Linda Kage

You gotta constantly purify yourself, living in the city, around human beings. There might be people close to you who affect you inside yourself in such a corrupt way that it screws with your ability to do what you do. But if you make sure that the people who are close you are good people who are there for you and love you, you can create your temple everywhere you go.

— John Frusciante

You gotta love everything you do. You just gotta do it.

— Steven Van Zandt

Rules are what governs us as humans, but it was wonderful to meet a man who said "There are no rules. You gotta be what you gotta be and you gotta believe in it." I know that's a feeling I used to feel a lot at a younger age, and through the sense of responsibility and working with so many and taking on so many duties and actions, you lose if you don't stay on top of it. So that's what I love about this man, that there are no rules.

— Kevin Drew

You gotta learn to laugh, it's the way to true love.

— John Travolta

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