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Good To Be Back Home Again Quotes

When will you ask for your post back?" he whispered in her ear. "I miss the smell of industrial-strength solvents." She laughed softly. "Soon. And when will you have papers read at the mathematical society again? I rather like having my husband called a genius for reasons that are not clear to me." My husband. The words rolled off her tongue, easy and beautiful. He kissed her fervently. "Soon. My brilliance quite overflowed on the way home. I have four notebooks to show for it." "Good. We dont want people to think I love you for your looks alone." "In that case we should also put you in some rather revealing gowns once in a while, so that people dont think I married you for your accomplishments alone.
— Sherry Thomas —

The new home fashion will be spare. This will be the return of an old WASP style: the good, frayed carpet; dogs that look like dogs and not a hairdo in a teacup, as miniature dogs back from the canine boutique do now.
A friend, noting what has and will continue to happen with car sales, said America will look like Havana-old cars and faded grandeur. It won't. It will look like 1970, only without the bell-bottoms and excessive hirsuteness. More families will have to live together. More people will drink more regularly. Secret smoking will make a comeback as part of a return to simple pleasures. People will slow down. Mainstream religion will come back. Walker Percy again: Bland affluence breeds fundamentalism. Bland affluence is over.

— Peggy Noonan

We went to a church that had missionaries who'd come back once a year from Fiji & give talks. I remember one of them saying it was very hard work telling people they were going to lose their everlasting souls if they didn't shape up. I pictured people sitting on the beach listening to this sweaty man all dressed in black telling them they were going to burn in hell & them thinking this was good fun, these scary stories this guy was telling them & afterwards, they'd all go home & eat mango & fish & they'd play Monopoly & laugh & laugh & they'd go to bed & wake up the next day & do it all again.

— Brian Andreas

What good was it? That was the question she would like to know. What the hell good was it. All the plans she had made, and the music. When all that came of it was this trap
the store, then home to sleep, and back at the store again.

— Carson McCullers

I think it comes in cycles for Brandy [Burre] and for many women. You want to take care of your home, making it as good as possible for your kids and for yourself, and then eventually you feel trapped and you want to break out of that. You want to be someone else and you want the world to look at you as something else. Eventually, you come back again. The cycles are very much a part of her life.

— Robert Greene

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