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Its really irritating when you open a book, and 10 pages into it you know that the hero you met on page one or two is gonna come through unscathed, because hes the hero. This is completely unreal, and I dont like it.
— George R.R. Martin —

If we listened to our intellect we'd never have a love affair. We'd never have a friendship. We'd never go in business because we'd be cynical: "It's gonna go wrong." Or "She's going to hurt me." Or,"I've had a couple of bad love affairs, so therefore ... " Well, that's nonsense. You're going to miss life. You've got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down.

— Ray Bradbury

Lennie said quietly, It ain't no lie. We're gonna do it. Gonna get a little place an' live on the fatta the lan'.

— John Steinbeck

Mara," his arms gave me a squeeze, "baby, you've got to live in the now. Not in your head. Not controlled by your fears. You can't live for what might happen five months in the future. You got issues you gotta face today. You gotta deal with them now. You got two kids who count on you and their lives aren't gonna go perfect every day because you weigh every decision you make and tread cautiously. Those options are no longer available to you. You're gonna have to live day to day and make decisions on the fly. And I'm tellin' you I'm here to help. You need it and they need it. Are you honestly gonna say no?

— Kristen Ashley

As long as Pete and Joe are there, it's gonna be jumping.

— Jay McShann

Obviously as I'm getting older, I'm seeing changes in my body that I may not like ... but I do love food, and I'm from the South. I'm not gonna lie, I eat fried chicken, I love macaroni and cheese, and I love grits.

— Erin Andrews

I'd say 'my pleasure' but if I'm gonna carry you to bed, I'd rather you be conscious, Bo said, a wry quirk on his lips. - Blood Like Poison

— M. Leighton

It's really irritating when you open a book, and 10 pages into it you know that the hero you met on page one or two is gonna come through unscathed, because he's the hero. This is completely unreal, and I don't like it.

— George R.R. Martin

I started out doing triathlons because they terrified me! I'm a good swimmer, I learned to ride a bike in college, and I hate running. It seemed like something I could never do, so I decided, 'I'm gonna do it.'

— Megyn Price

DeAngelo blew up my bus, so I filled his car with shit. Genius, right?"
"DeAngelo didn't blow up the bus," Connie said. "I just got the report from the fire marshal. The coffeemaker shorted out and started the fire."
Some of the color left Vinnie's face. "Say what?"
"Oh man," Lula said. "DeAngelo is gonna be pissed. Least he won't know who did it."
"I left a note," Vinnie said.
Lula gave a hoot of laughter and fell off her chair.

— Janet Evanovich

I don't feel the need to define nothin' to nobody, because I'm always changing. Why say that I'm this or that when I might not be tomorrow? I'm gonna follow my own feelings and my own heart.

— Keke Palmer

Dude," Trent said and stopped in front of my locker. I glanced up. "Now every chick within a fifty-mile radius of this place is gonna expect all of us guy to pull some grand romantic crap on the field like you just did."
I laughed. "Nah, man." I disagreed. "No one was even watchin'.
"Fuck," Trent said. "How'd you even say that with a straight face?"
"It's a gift."
- Trent & Romeo

— Cambria Hebert

Why have you not broken from the pack? You're playing it safe. Safe aint gonna get you sh!t in this world

— Stone Cold Steve Austin

Justin Bieber isn't gonna be much of a star once his balls drop and his voice changes.

— Landon Liboiron

When I hear Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is Gonna Come', it frustrates me because no matter how hard I try, I can never be that good.

— Julian Casablancas

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