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Going Back To Reality Quotes

I left walking backwards so I wouldnt miss a moment of her. I hated the idea of going back to Marvels, so I walked around the block, feeling Olivias arms around me, my nose full of perfume and the smell of her skin, my head swirling with what I had seen and heard in the house so much like ours, and yet not at all. And I realized as I walked through the neighborhood how each house could contain a completely different reality. In a single block, there could be fifty separate worlds. Nobody every really knew what was going on just next door.
— Janet Fitch —

Every hour you are not going after your passion, making your dreams a reality or defining your purpose is an hour you can't get back. Is what you're doing right now, this day, this moment getting you closer to where you want to be? If not, readjust your focus. It's your future. Go get it!

— Elizabeth Bourgeret

In life there is reality and there is what you want in life. If you took a moment to step back and forget about everything that is going on that doesn't really mean that much anyway, you might be able to figure out how to get what you want and what has been stopping you. For every problem there is a solution, for every ... need God has provided the answer, and for every want there is a way. Reality is what you make it.

— Joshua Hartzell

This is going to make such a great story: How I nursed a pirate back to health and my love saved him," Miss Ohio said with a contented sigh. "And then we can have our own reality show about our relationship."
- "Beauty Queens

— Libba Bray

I think expectations might be preceding reality, ... In the long run we've got some real opportunity here, but we've come a long way too quickly. We may need to ratchet it back a little and set a new foundation to grow for the rest of the year, but continuing at this pace is going to be difficult.

— Michael Davies

At some point, the world is going to have to bite the bullet and accept a huge downsizing in its way of life to bring the assets-to-debt ratio back in touch with reality.

— John L. Casti

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