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God Works Quotes

God works in many ways His wonders to perform. But Hes not a skillful mechanic. A man drived over a cliff and "by a miracle" he only breaks his back. It would be more divine if he were a better driver and stayed on the road.
— Paul Goodman —

Isn't that the way God works? She'd thought. He takes the things in our lives that are ugly, disgusting, and downright wicked, and transforms them into something magnificent.

— J.E.B. Spredemann

Those with less curiosity or ambition just mumble that God works in mysterious ways. I intend to catch him in the act.

— Damien Echols

Even though you may not understand how God works, you know he does.

— Max Lucado

A shepherd, in whom the spirit of God works, is more highly esteemed before God than the wisest and most potent in self-wit, without the divine dominion.

— Jakob Bohme

I'd ask [God] why he keeps trying to kill us all with disease, pestilence, and natural disasters. I'd ask why 99% of all species there ever were are now extinct
if God works in mysterious ways, that way is mysteriously genocidal.

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

God's great love and purposes for us are all worked out in messes in our kitchens and backyards, in storms and sins, blue skies, the daily work and dreams of our common lives. God works with us as we are and not as we should be or think we should be.

— Eugene H. Peterson

There are many streams of cleansing-beginning with the Blood of Jesus! I want us to study and experience them all, as God works among us to free, heal, and mature His people!

— Jack W. Hayford

The new racism, like God, works in mysterious ways and is quite effective in maintaining white privilege, for example, instead of saying as they used to say during the Jim Crow era that they do not want us as neighbors, they say things nowadays such as 'I am concerned about crime, property values and schools.

— Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

What you need to do, is to put your will over completely into the hands of your Lord, surrendering to Him the entire control of it. Say, "Yes, Lord, YES!" to everything, and trust Him to work in you to will, as to bring your whole wishes and affections into conformity with His own sweet, and lovable, and most lovely will. It is wonderful what miracles God works in wills that are utterly surrendered to Him. He turns hard things into easy, and bitter things into sweet. It is not that He puts easy things in the place of the hard, but He actually changes the hard thing into an easy one.

— Hannah Whitall Smith

Though we are commanded to 'wash ourselves', to 'cleanse ourselves from sins', to 'purge ourselves from all our iniquities', yet to imagine that we can do these things by our own efforts is to trample on the cross and grace of Jesus Christ. Whatever God works in us by his grace, he commands us to do as our duty. God works all in us and by us.

— John Owen

It's not going to happen through technology or our intellectual abilities but only through prayer. When we pray, God works. We believe God blesses churches that bless missions.

— David Jeremiah

When God works in us, the will, being changed and sweetly breathed upon by the Spirit of God, desires and acts, not from compulsion, but responsively.

— Martin Luther

The hippopotamus's day Is passed in sleep; at night he hunts; God works in a mysterious way- The Church can sleep and feed at once.

— T.S. Eliot

Truly, God works in mysterious ways. The wheels of His mercy and justice move quietly, but they do move.

— Billy Graham

God works according to the law of gradual growth, so don't be discouraged if your progress seems slow,

— Joyce Meyer

The child of God works not for life, but from life; he does not work to be saved, but works because he is saved

— Charles Spurgeon

God works, and therefore we work; God is with- us, and therefore we are with God, and stand on His side.

— Charles Spurgeon

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