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God Wants Quotes

Failure honestly can be like the best lesson and its like the one that like God wants you to really pay attention to. Thats why it hurts. The pain will help you remember how not to walk, what directions not to go.
— Pharrell Williams —

Mine is a most peaceable disposition. My wishes are: a humble cottage with a thatched roof, but a good bed, good food, the freshest milk and butter, flowers before my window, and a few fine trees before my door; and if God wants to make my happiness complete, he will grant me the joy of seeing some six or seven of my enemies hanging from those trees. Before death I shall, moved in my heart, forgive them all the wrong they did me in their lifetime. One must, it is true, forgive one's enemies
but not before they have been hanged.

— Heinrich Heine

This book is not the memoir of a contented man. It's not the poignant reflections of a white-haired guru who has finally figured out the secret to contentment. It's more like sweaty, bloody, hastily scribbled notes from a battlefield. I'm still struggling to escape the sinister fingers on this conspiracy. I'm still waging war against the discontentment that rages in my life. I can see contentment in the distance, like a hazy oasis, but I have to pick my way through a minefield to get there. I'm not the contented man God wants me to be, but I'm fighting to get there. I'm writing this book the hope that you'll join me in the fight.

— Stephen Altrogge

The search for a "suitable" church makes the man a critic where God wants him to be a pupil. What he wants from the layman in church is an attitude which may, indeed, be critical in the sense of rejecting what is false or unhelpful but which is wholly uncritical in the sense that it does not appraise- does not waste time in thinking about what it rejects, but lays itself open in uncommenting, humble receptivity to any nourishment that is going.

— C.S. Lewis

God wants man to fulfill his commands as a human being and with the quality peculiar to human beings.

— Martin Buber

If America is too arrogant, too prideful to repent, it's not the kind of country that God wants it to be.

— Tony Campolo

God wants us to know that when we have Him, we have everything.

— Aiden Wilson Tozer

God wants us to seek Him more than anything else, even more than we seek answers to prayer. When we come to God in prayer, sometimes our hearts are so full of what we want that we leave God out. Our minds become consumed with the gift rather than the giver.

— Charles Stanley

Delays are as much a part of God plan as answered prayers. God wants you to trust him.

— Rick Warren

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