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Go Texans Quotes

A lot of Texans go up to New York and stay there forever. If there are any two places with more individual characters, I dont know them.
— Jerry Jeff Walker —

Texans aren't cocky. We're just better than you. And you know it.

— Tiffany Madison

I'm loyal and I think most Texans are very loyal, but I'm also stubborn.

— Kelly Clarkson

Our community in North Texas is fortunate to have two thriving airports. We serve millions of satisfied customers and employ hundreds of thousands of North Texans. We should not jeopardize that which is working well already.

— Michael Burgess

Texans are by nature independent people.

— Joe Barton

Texans deserve better than failed leaders who dole out favors to friends and cronies behind closed doors. It's time for a governor who believes that you don't have to buy a place in Texas' future. It's time for a governor who believes that the future of Texas belongs to all of us.

— Wendy Davis

My first challenge was explaining Andover to my friends in Texas. In those days, most Texans who went away to high school had discipline problems. When I told a friend that I was headed to a boarding school in Massachusetts, he had only one question: Bush, what did you do wrong?

— George W. Bush

Texans ignore "better," long ago forgot the useless word "good." Everything in Texas is "best."

— Edward Smith

To the goggling unbeliever Texans say, as people always say about their mangier dishes, 'But it's just like chicken, only tenderer.' Rattlesnake is, in fact, just like chicken - only tougher.

— Alistair Cooke

The first game I played. We played against the Dallas Texans.

— Jim Otto

A born Texan has instilled in his system a mind-set of no retreat or no surrender. I wish everyone the world over had the dominating spirit that motivates Texans.

— Bill W. Clayton

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