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Gifted And Talented Quotes

From a pretty early age, my mother realized that I was a little bit more gifted and talented than my own age group. So, she moved me over to play with the boys travel soccer team when I was about 11 years old.
— Abby Wambach —

Yes, I hate orthodox criticism. I don't mean great criticism, like that of Matthew Arnold and others, but the usual small niggling, fussy-mussy criticism, which thinks it can improve people by telling them where they are wrong, and results only in putting them in straitjackets of hesitancy and self-consciousness, and weazening all vision and bravery.
... I hate it because of all the potentially shining, gentle, gifted people of all ages, that it snuffs out every year. It is a murderer of talent. And because the most modest and sensitive people are the most talented, having the most imagination and sympathy, these are the very first ones to get killed off. It is the brutal egotists that survive.

— Brenda Ueland

QUALITY leadership is neither the product of one great individual nor the result of odd historical accidents. Rather, it comes from deeply bred traditions and communities that shape and mold talented and gifted persons. Without a vibrant tradition of resistance passed on to new generations, there can be no nurturing of a collective and critical consciousness-only professional conscientiousness survives.

— Cornel West

We have Beast, our Hungarian sheep dog. And he is so talented. He's so smart. He knows his daily schedule. He has an extracurricular activity. He goes herding. He herds sheep. And we've been told that he's quite gifted.

— Priscilla Chan

Shadowing is really a great way to learn how the entire TV-making mechanism works. I had the distinct pleasure of shadowing the gifted and talented Allison Anders, who taught me a great deal about the importance of collaboration and trusting the talent around you.

— Ian Anthony Dale

Certainly parents play a crucial role in the lives of individuals who are intellectually gifted or creatively talented. But this role is not one of active instruction, of teaching children skills, ... rather, it is support and encouragement parents give children and the intellectual climate that they create in the home which seem to be the critical factors.

— David Elkind

Investigation is a subtle process, requiring patience and fine analytical ability, as well as a skill in cultivating one's sources. When torture is condoned, these rare talented people leave the service, having been outstripped by less gifted colleagues with their quick-fix methods, and the service itself degenerates into a playground for sadists.

— Vladimir Bukovsky

It's motivation. Some people are gifted at specific things, but I had to develop. The thing I'm most talented at is the ability to learn.

— Kanye West

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