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Getting To Know Me Quotes

I always get lost in the library, he said, no matter how many times I go. In fact, I think I get lost there more, the more that I go. Like its getting to know me and revealing new passages.
— Rainbow Rowell —

Can I be honest with you?" he asked.
"Aren't you always? And brutally so?"
"I never realized you were a woman."
She choked on a laugh of surprise. "Excuse me?"
"Inside my head ... " he pointed, just in case she didn't know what a head looked like. "Inside my memories? You were always a little girl, like Izzy. Just a girl, skipping around, getting into trouble, and mouthing off. I never noticed you'd turned into a woman."
Though the comprehension of the way he viewed her stung like the burn on her hand, she gave his broad chest beneath that worn-out gray Marines T-shirt an understanding pat with her unburned hand. "I know. It happens to the best of us female types."
His big hand came up and captured hers against his chest.
His gaze slowly traveled over her face, down to her lips, then back to her eyes. "I'm noticing now.

— Candis Terry

God's wisdom, true wisdom, is essential to living the life we were designed to live. Apart from God and his wisdom, we can spend a lot of time and energy getting lost, or worse, asking for directions from people who only pretend to know the way.

— Margaret Feinberg

Give me your bow," I said to the Nuban.
He frowned. "You're going to shoot him?"
The guard laughed, but there wasn't an ounce of humour in the Nuban. He was getting to know me.

— Mark Lawrence

I like to be in pain when I'm getting massaged. That way I know I'm getting my money's worth.

— Alison Brie

I'm enjoying getting to know me, one lesson at a time.

— Nikki Rowe

No movement finding itself in this stage of struggle can operate by getting authority from the leading body of the political organs for even minor action that is taken and we don't even know in the case of the actions which have publicize whether they are in fact our people.

— Joe Slovo

Now, I don't know if you can appreciate this without actually knowing her, but getting Mrs. Stricker to laugh is like getting an octopus to stand up on two legs.

— James Patterson

Four and I stay behind. I wait until the room is empty and the door is shut before looking at him again. He walks towards me. "Is your-" he begins. "You did that on purpose!" I shout. "Yes, I did," he says quietly. "And you should thank me for helping you." I grit my teeth. "Thank you? You almost stabbed my ear, and you spent the entire time taunting me. Why should I thank you?" "You know, I'm getting a little tired of waiting for you to catch on!" He glares at me, and even when he glares, his eyes looks thoughtful. Their shade of blue is peculiar, so dark it is almost black, with a small patch of lighter blue on the left iris, right next to the corner of his eye.

— Veronica Roth

I got on the phone with the president of my label and I said, "Obviously, I write songs in a lot of styles and play a lot of different kinds of music. We're getting toward the end of our business collaboration. If you could envision a record that you wanted to hear from me, what kind of record would it be?" It wasn't like asking him to fill an order, it was really just a conversation. For all the things I'd ever asked him, this was one thing I'd never asked, and I don't know why. So I was curious. And the thing that he was most interested in hearing was a solo record.

— Ryan Adams

I never thought I would see it. I'm not saying it's not possible. I'm not saying it didn't happen. I don't know. There's a lot of guys getting picked on (in the locker room). Some handle it well, some don't handle it as well. I'm not saying it's right, and from a locker room sense or from a team sense, I'm not saying it's wrong. It's just the way it is.

— Brett Favre

I've always had philosophy, which has been really helpful for me, getting into the business. I didn't have any connections. I didn't know anyone. It was just about my work.

— Daniel Radcliffe

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