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Get Stocks Quotes

Wall Street is being investigated, but they are not asleep while its being done. You see where the Senate took that tax off the sales of stocks, didnt you? Saved em $48,000,000. Now, why dont somebody investigate the Senate and see who got to them to get that tax removed? That would be a real investigation.
— Will Rogers —

Brand-name growth stocks ordinarily command the highest p/e ratios. Rising prices beget attention, and vice versa - but only to a point. Eventually their growth rate can diminish as results revert towards normal. Maybe not in all cases, but often enough to make a long-term bet. Bottom line: I wouldn't want to get caught in a rush for the exit, much less get left behind. Only when big growth stocks fall into the dumper from time to time am I inclined to pick them up - and even then, only in moderation.

— John Neff

I am aware there are books that instruct you on how to manipulate the market, stocks and people ... they might even help you get money. But, let me caution you ... when there is no spiritual growth ... there is no spiritual strength ... there is no lasting happiness ... and, there is no real or lasting wealth.

— Bob Proctor

Suppose you were a real estate investor with a 1/3 interest in the best apartment complex in town, the best mall, and the best office building. Would you feel like a poor, undiversified investor? No! But as soon as you get into stocks, people feel this way. Partly, people need to justify their fees.

— Charlie Munger

Being a teenager is the worst thirty years of your life. But it all changes after that. You get a great car, a great job. You got a wife, kids, you got your health. But then your company is sold out from under you, your stocks tank, your wife's sleeping with the gardener and your teenage daughter is pregnant. And you notice that you have a prostate so hard, you can actually take a hammer to it. But hey, not one zit.

— Christopher Titus

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