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I try to use the attention that I get to help and to serve, and thats really what Id see as my work - to serve my community, serve the planet, serve my family. And I think a celebrity is someone who draws the attention on themselves, and then it kind of stops there.
— Michael Franti —

Fitz called after him, "We'll see how far you get without me. Enjoy it Aidan, your nosedive to the discount rack, playing second-rate concert halls, being yesterday's news. That's all this will get you
that and your Catswallow trailer park bride." An old temper surged through Aidan, moving angrily at him.
"Aidan, don't!" she shouted.
Grabbing a shoulder, Aidan spun him about, landing a solid punch to his jaw, knocking the record-producing mogul onto the pavement. "Get it straight," he said, jerking his lapel. "She's from New Jersey.

— Laura Spinella

You are dealing with national security. Anything labeled a national security issie is taken out from the system. There is no due process, no lawyers. They may do with us what they wish. Fear is a government's greatest weapon. With it, they can convince a people that they need to abandon their freedom. In exchange, they get safety. Of course, you just trade one monster for another, but by the time the people realize this, it is too late.
Excerpt from Superhero.

— Victor Methos

It's not that you have to achieve anything, it's that you have to get away from where you are.

— Marguerite Duras

Women never have a half-hour in all their lives (excepting before or after anybody is up in the house) that they can call their own, without fear of offending or of hurting someone. Why do people sit up so late, or, more rarely, get up so early? Not because the day is not long enough, but because they have 'no time in the day to themselves.' 1852

— Florence Nightingale

It is always challenging bowling abroad - you don't get much spin, bounce. You do get bounce, but you don't get sideways spin. It is always drifting kind of spin you get.

— Harbhajan Singh

Singing and acting on a show is like theater; it doesn't get any better.

— Shanola Hampton

We shouldn't be doing this." Dan broke the silence, his voice low. "We would both get in trouble." He stood up. "Let's go back."
"We shouldn't be doing what?" I scrambled to my feet. "What exactly are we doing?"
"You mean consorting?"
"Sure, consorting. Cavorting. Carousing." He paused to take a deep breath.
"Kissing." Then he leaned in and pressed his mouth to mine.

— Leila Sales

In our culture, we get very much into shorthanding people. And I got shorthanded as That Guy: Jennifer Lopez, movies bombed, therefore he must be a sort of thoughtless dilettante, solipsistic consumer blahblahblah. It's hard to shake those sort of narratives.

— Ben Affleck

They weren't my family and it wasn't my holiday, but I was orphaned and an atheist and I would take what I could get.

— Michael Chabon

Oddly, I think if you look at comic books, you look at the shelves in the store, it's predominantly male characters, historically. But if you look outside the window it's 52-percent female, and something odd is going on there. So I do think it's your responsibility as a writer, really, to create stuff that little girls can get into too. I want my daughters to have role models that are female.

— Mark Millar

At Christmas you can get real bargains. I saw one item marked down ten dollars. It was a yacht.

— Milton Berle

We want to keep extending our brand into different places, into movies and soundtracks and our music will live on through licensing and our brand lives on through merchandise and new generations will get to wear our clothing and our T-shirts and stuff that's associated with us.

— Nikki Sixx

I like to be cast well and then I like to be left alone. And good directors, that's generally what they do when they hire you because you have something that's useful to the part, and then they leave you alone. The times that I've run into trouble is when, very rare actually, but you get hired and then there's some sort of makeover involved.

— Christopher Walken

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