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Get Over Him Quotes

She rests her hand on the ruffled costume beside her. "Just answer this one question. My brother never got over you. Did you ever get over him?"I swallow. "There are some people in life that you cant get over." "Good." Calliope stands and gives me a grim smile. "But break Crickets heart? Ill break your face.
— Stephanie Perkins —

I mean, what if you don't get over him? What if you just learn how to get on without him? People who've been in love have that haunted look in their eyes. It's like a piece of them is unattainable, forever held back and protected at all cost.

— H.M. Ward

Just kidding," he said, standing. "Pretty sure it's just a dick in my pants and not a magic wand. But if I could wave it and help you get over him, I promise I would.

— Caisey Quinn

My mother and my father had very, very strong Scots accents. We were Australian, and in those days when I was young, I spoke with a much more of an Australian accent than I have now. However I knew that if I went to England to become an actor, which I was determined to, I knew that I had to get rid of the Australian accent. We were colonials, we were Down Under somewhere, we were those little people Over There. But I was determined to become an Englishman. So I did.

— George Ogilvie

I get my inspiration from young stylish girls I see all over my travels.

— Olivia Palermo

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