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Garrett Pi Quotes

Garrett!" Nicks handcuffs clanked when he moved. "The laces on those boots, the plastic thingies have modified handcuff keys on them." "The aglets?" Zane asked. He squirmed around, trying to loosen the ropes enough so he could see his shoes. "The what?" Nick asked, sounding an odd combination of desperate and exasperated. "Aglets. Plastic thingies." "Why do you know what those things are called?" "Phineas and Ferb.
— Anonymous. —

Dude, you know I'm not getting paid for this shit, which is probably against the law. Child labor going on right here in the heartland of America!
-Dan Garrett

— Leah Rae Miller

The realization that Garrett actually had a mother kind of disturbed me. But only for about twelve seconds. I rarely held thoughts in my head any longer than twelve seconds. Damn my ADD.

— Darynda Jones

How dare you! What is your name? I shall make it a sin to be spoken."
The braveness of his chuckle and grin made me step back. "Garrett. My name is Garrett and please make my name a sin to speak. Maybe that way I won't have people like you screaming out for people like me; for people like you are so ghastly and in need of saving too many times." Lucy to Garrett from my Steampunk YA Romance book I have started.

— Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

It happens," he repeated. "For people like us, baby. It happens, eventually. Just as long as we hold on." She liked that. She showed it with her pretty brown eyes. She showed it by pressing closer. She showed it by wrapping both arms around his neck. Finally, she showed it by rolling up further and taking his mouth. And he liked that. So he showed her too. While she was taking his, he took hers. And with that-as they did and as they'd continue to do-together, Cher Rivers and Garrett Merrick successfully weathered yet another storm.

— Kristen Ashley

Relway mused, "Now that it's happened I'm not so sure I'm happy with the outcome. Spared their racial theories The Call would've been good for TunFaire." He would appreciate their interest in law and order and proper behavior. "Here's a challenge you still need to meet. Glory Mooncalled. He's weak now but he's still out there somewhere. If you don't get him now he'll try to put something back together someday. He can't help himself." "It's still great day for TunFaire, Garrett. One of pure triumph." I don't know if he meant that or was being sarcastic. You never quite know anything with Relway. And he wants it that way. "I liked the way you put it, Garrett. Faded steel heat." I'd mentioned that to him the night he'd discovered the tanks in the old Lamp brewery. "But the war goes on." "The war never ends. Tell you what. Send me a note when you do decide to roast that pigeon. I've got dibs on a drumstick.

— Glen Cook

I love you, Garrett. So much. But I figure the pain of a breakup is going to be far easier for you to overcome than the pain of potentially watching me die one day. Trust me, it's better this way.

— Anonymous.

By midnight Theresa was yawning steadily, and Garrett suggested that she get some sleep.
"But I came down here to see you," she protested drowsily.
"But if you don't get your sleep, I'll look blurry.

— Nicholas. Sparks

Garrett Hardin. Parenthood: Right or Privilege? Science Magazine.

— Bob Marshall

The first time we ever lit up a suit was on Garrett. He was the first finished costume that we had, the "Sam" character. And it brought tears to my eyes, because you're working so hard to make something happen and you're just in there, and you're delirious with sleep deprivation. To see it work, to see his reaction, made it all worthwhile.

— Christine Bieselin Clark

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