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Its funny that some ideas start with a little "What if?" and then suddenly youre spending a million dollars to shoot the scene and hoping that it works.
— Steve Martin —

Dying has a funny way of making you see people, the living and the dead, a little differently. Maybe that's just part of the grieving, or maybe the dead stand there and open our eyes a bit wider.

— Susan Gregg Gilmore

Nothing broke my heart like the slow death of a shared joke that had once seemed genuinely funny.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

But the tour did remind me that my life had been bigger than just that one moment. One girl. One set of words on paper. That I had gone through other things before-good and terrible, funny and awful-and I had survived.

— Kimberly McCreight

Sometimes tragic and awful can be funny, too. Sometimes it has to be.

— Mia Sheridan

I heard that people were really interested in the new haircut, which I think is so funny. Great haircut, I really like it. It goes great with the time period. And I was super, super, super-happy to have my bangs swept to the side rather than straight in front of me, which I dealt with for three seasons. I'm very, very much done with that.

— Elisabeth Moss

Naked people look funny when they are for-real naked, outside-a-magazine naked.

— Donald Miller

I was a good student, sort of funny and athletic. I had friends.

— Rosemary Mahoney

I really wish your boyfriend would stay out of my love life."
"Funny. I bet Felicity wishes her boyfriend would stay out of it, too.

— Diana Peterfreund

The most important thing is to write material that YOU think is funny. If you don't think it's funny, but you're convinced that other people will think it is, well they won't.

— Mo Rocca

My favorite app is 'StumbleUpon,' because it just gives you interesting things that are sometimes exactly the stuff I'm interested in and sometimes just silly and funny.

— Christine Quinn

Brilliant ... Marriage Confidential is both laugh-out-loud funny and gasp-out-loud shocking, and nothing less than a Feminine Mystique for our time. Mark my words, your marriage will change after reading this book.

— Debby Applegate

I realized, dumb people don't know they're dumb. When people try to make me laugh and they try to be funny, that's when they lose me. I find a lot of comedy in honesty.

— Nathan Fillion

It's much easier to write a solemn book than a funny book. It's harder to make people laugh than it is to make them cry. People are always on the verge of tears.

— Fran Lebowitz

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