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Funny Pull Out Quotes

I wont share you, Dylan. I mean that. If you think for one second now that were married, you can try and pull some kind of shit over on me, youd better think again. I can take whatever you can dish out when it comes to pain, embarrassment and humiliation, and whatever else you have going on in that wicked mind of yours, but Ill be damned if Ill share you with another woman. Or man." What the fuck? I almost laugh at her, but shes so serious she would probably slap the shit out of me. "Calm the hell down. Im not trying to pull anything over on you, okay? And seriously, a man?" "Well, I dont know. Maybe one of your secrets is that you like getting pegged in the ass or something." This time I laugh out loud at her and she narrows her eyes at me. "Dont ask me to peg you either, because its never going to happen." I laugh even louder. Good God this woman is funny. "I promise you that I dont want to be pegged, Isa.
— Ella Dominguez —

Oh shit, oh shit, stupid shower present!"
Now she did pull her hair as she made the dash to her office.
Roarke sat in her visitor's chair, comfortably involved with his PPC. He glanced up, let loose a regretful sigh. "You changed. And I didn't have any time to ogle you in uniform."
"I have to go shopping!"
Staring at her, Roarke pressed his fingertips to his temple. "I'm sorry, I believe I must have had a small stroke. What did you say?"
"This isn't funny." She bent down, gripped him by the lapels. "I forgot to get a thing for the thing, and I don't even know what the thing is supposed to be. Now I have to go out and hunt something down. Except-" Her eyes went from slightly mad to speculative. "We have all kinds of things around the house. Couldn't I just wrap something up and-"

— J.D. Robb

Although it seems shocking to say so, grief is a funny thing. On the one hand, you're numb, yet on the other, something inside is trying desperately to claw its way back to normal: to pull a funny face, to leap out like a jack-in-the-box, to say Smile, damn you, smile!

— Alan Bradley

There's something to be said about practice-even if I'm not actually practicing anything. Just hanging out in the water, holding my breath, withering my skin to grandma-like wrinkles.
I pull off the flippers Toraf brought me and chuck them onto shore. I keep my back turned while he maneuvers his shorts into place. "Are you decent?" I call after a few seconds. No matter how many times I tell him I can't see into the water yet, he insists I'm just trying to look at his "eel." For crying out loud.
"Oh, I'm more than decent. I'm actually quite a catch."
I couldn't agree more. Toraf is good-looking, funny, and considerate-which makes me question Rayna's attitude.

— Anna Banks

Mmmm ... the comedy that matters is the comedy you pull out of thin air. It's a bit like when something funny has happened and you try to explain it to someone else and end up saying, 'You had to be there.'

— Jack Dee

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