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Fun Pictures Quotes

They werent great pictures, but they were fun, and they really represented that period of time well.
— Frankie Avalon —

I don't mind fans coming up in a friendly, respectful way. That's all part of the fun of being a top tennis player. But if people take pictures without permission, particularly if my children are in the shot, I feel uncomfortable.

— Roger Federer

They weren't great pictures, but they were fun, and they really represented that period of time well.

— Frankie Avalon

If people are taking pictures of me at Starbucks, it's not the end of the world. It's cool, it's fun, it's exciting.

— Cory Monteith

If you don't have a Facebook, like, you're nobody. There's all of these sort of requirements now, and if you don't have all of these things - Facebook, Twitter, etc. - you're made fun of. And Twitter for celebrities ... everything is just getting so personal. Pictures of yourself, of what you're eating for breakfast.

— Taissa Farmiga

Being an author is fun. It's a great job, because I can stay up as late as I want, and if I feel like taking the day off, I do it. Plus, I get to make up silly stories and draw pictures all day.

— Dav Pilkey

Fun ... human nature ... does no one any harm ... Regular as clockwork the old excuses came back into the alert, sad and dissatisfied brain
nothing ever matched the deep excitement of the regular desire. Men always failed you when it came to the act. She might just as well have been to the pictures.

— Graham Greene

I'm very active on Twitter and Instagram. I'm always posting pictures from set, and little clues and teasing people with fun things. It's awesome!

— Tyler Posey

Mac [Barnett] and I prank each other during our presentation. We show baby pictures of each other looking completely ridiculous. I can't believe the frilly shirt that I'm in, and Mac's wearing a sailor suit and playing a toy piano. That's a perfect example of a good prank, where we have three hundred people literally laughing in our faces, three hundred kids at every assembly. And it feels really good. It's really fun.

— Jory John

I always carry pictures of my children and grandchildren, which is what makes it all worthwhile. It's great fun that my grandkids get to see the costumes in Alice in Wonderland or a doll with grandma's dress.

— Colleen Atwood

Forget 'redeeming social value,' dirty pictures are fun . When I die I want my ashes sprinkled over a nudist camp.

— L. Neil Smith

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