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Now that shed found her Wild Mustang
— Carol Grace —

Elizabeth Bear Quotes: She was alive she was alive and she had
She was alive. She was alive, and she had found her power - or it had found her.
Tomorrow's problems she'd take care of tomorrow.

— Elizabeth Bear

Keira D. Skye Quotes: After a few brief simple moments he
After a few brief simple moments, he found her neck, kissing the nape as if it were a peach, grazing her skin barely, causing her to moan out a small tiny little whimper. Before she could take another rbreath, his lips met hers in rapture, and suddenly, she was lost within the tragic abyss of falling beneath a lovebinding spell.

— Keira D. Skye

R.J. Anderson Quotes: I found her lying naked on the lawn at
I found her lying naked on the lawn at midnight, can I keep her?

— R.J. Anderson

Take deep slow breaths," it told her. "It will calm you."
Calm her? Slow breaths? Instead she sucked in a breath to tell it to
go to hell, but ended up sending her late-night snack spewing across the
dragon's foot.
Staring down, it muttered, "Oh, that's just vile."
Talaith's eyes narrowed and suddenly she found her voice. "And yet, I
feel remarkably better," she sneered.

— G.A. Aiken

Laura Kaye Quotes: Caden let out his own moan when her lips
Caden let out his own moan when her lips pressed against the skin in front of his ear. She exhaled roughly. The rush of her breath over his skin brought goose bumps to his neck.
He trailed soft kisses across her cheek until he found her lips.
And then he couldn't go slow anymore.
And neither could she.

— Laura Kaye

The strangest thing was, as beautiful as I found her to be, she admitted that she wasn't always comfortable in her own skin. I found that hard to believe until she explained herself. All of the sudden I was not so much in awe of her but found myself empathizing with her.

— Michele Jennae

Marie Force Quotes: Susie with his hands on her face he
Susie ... " With his hands on her face, he found her eyes. "If you make love with me and then go back to him, you'll ruin me".

— Marie Force

It was because a great-looking man with no apparent mental defects found her attractive. Imagine feeling so buoyant over something so juvenile.

— Maggie Shayne

Now that she'd found her Wild Mustang

— Carol Grace

How came she by her death? How came she there? Was she slain by accident, or had she met with violence? were the questions that pressed upon our thoughts. But we said little then and after a time left her where we found her. It mattered not to her that the bed was hard or the air cold.
("A Night In An Old Castle")

— George Payne Rainsford James

She was bedridden falling a fall which broke her hip. X-rays showed that she had cancer of the colon which had already spreed. To my surprise I found her cheerful and free of pain, perhaps because of the small doses of morphine she was being given. She was surrounded by neighbours and friends who congregated at her bedside day and night. In this cosy, noisy, gregarious world of the "all-chinese" sickbed, so different from the stark, sterile solitude of the American hospital room, her life had assumed the astounding quality of a continuous farewell party.

— Adeline Yen Mah

I was lost before I found her in my dreams, and she found me that day in the rain. I knew it seemed like I was always the one trying to save Lena, but the truth was she had saved me, and I wasn't ready for her to stop now.

— Kami Garcia

But Percy Jackson has always been reliable. You have nothing to fear. Besides, he likes me. I taught him everything he knows."
She frowned. "You did?"
I found her innocence somewhat charming. So many obvious things she did not know. "Of course. Now let's go up.

— Rick Riordan

She couldn't find her shirt, but she sure as hell found her gun.

— Shelly Laurenston

Nick Hornby Quotes: See records have helped me to fall in
See, records have helped me to fall in love, no question. I hear something new, with a chord change that melts my guts, and before I know it I'm looking for someone, and before I know it I've
found her.

— Nick Hornby

They could then see the faint summer fogs in layers, woolly, level, and apparently no thicker than counterpanes, spread about the meadows in detached remnants of small extent. On the gray moisture of the grass were marks where the cows had lain through the night-dark-green islands of dry herbage the size of their carcasses, in the general sea of dew. From each island proceeded a serpentine trail, by which the cow had rambled away to feed after getting up, at the end of which trail they found her;

— Thomas Hardy

Sarah MacLean Quotes: Ralston didnt care he turned on his
Ralston didn't care. He turned on his brother as the surgeon knelt next to him and inspected the wound. "She could have been killed!"
And what about you?" This time, it was Callie who spoke, her own pent-up energy releasing in anger, and the men turned as one to look at her, surprised that she and found her voice. "What about you and your idiotic pland to somehow restore my honor by playing guns out in the middle of nowhere with OXFORD?" She said the baron's name in disdain. "Like children? Of all the ridiculous, unnecessary, thoughtless, MALE things to do ... who even FIGHTS duels anymore?!

— Sarah MacLean

Josie tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she glanced up the hall. "You ready?"
I nodded and we started down the hall and we made it halfway before I did something totally cheesy. I reached between us, found her hand without looking, and threaded my fingers through her.
She looked up, surprise flickering over her expression, but then she smiled, and yeah, that smile was worth it.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

Dashiell Hammett Quotes: Dorothys coming up i think shes tight
Dorothy's coming up. I think she's tight."
"That's great." I picked up my bathrobe. "I was afraid I was going to have to get some sleep."
She was bending over looking for her slippers. "Don't be such an old fluff. You can sleep all day." She found her slippers and stood up in them. "Is she really as afraid of her mother as she says?"
"If she's got any sense. Mimi's poison."
Nora screwed up her dark eyes at me and asked slowly: "What are you holding out on me?"
"Oh, dear," I said, " I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell you. Dorothy is really my daughter. I didn't know what I was doing, Nora. It was spring in Venice and I was so young and there was a moon over the ... "
"Be funny. Don't you want something to eat?

— Dashiell Hammett

He'd walked into her life, and everything had changed. He'd found her; she'd found him-and all those dark places inside both of them had gotten a little smaller, a little brighter.

— J.D. Robb

Thrilled with the knowledge that she loved me, it took me a moment to realize that she was angry. I found her tantrum irresistible. #Ren

— Colleen Houck

Finally, when they asked him to speak, he found her gray eyes.
His voice was husky and raspy, but his words were clear. "Livia. You love me."
Beckett let her go as she climbed back onto Blake's bed. Blake moved slowly, but he seemed determined and winced only a little as he reached for her shoulders and pulled Livia against his chest. She wanted to say something, but her sobs took those words from her.
His raspy voice moved her hair with his precious, perfect words. "You're here. With me."
Livia grabbed a fistful of his hospital gown. The strength that had sustained her dissolved into gratitude. To see his light, his face, everything that was Blake again brought relief like she'd never known. He rubbed her back as her body shook with sobs.

— Debra Anastasia

He felt as if he hadn't slept because he spent all night wandering through the world looking for a maiden who bore his heart in her womb. His heart grew in her like a child. He was pregnant with his heart for a long time, for a year, for ten years, for a generation, for a hundred and two years. His heart grew bigger and bigger in her, and she grew bigger and bigger to accomodate the growth of his heart in her womb. He never knew when she would give birth to his heart and he lost her and searched the world over and never found her. His father, the king, told him that the world in which he searched for he was his heart, and that she was the mother of all the world, and that his search was over when it began, but he didn't know it.

— Ben Okri

I lost something recently," he tells me.
My heart swells at the familiar voice, and I spin around to drop-dead-gorgeous cheekbones, a ruby-red visor, and lips that pull into a breathtaking smile.
"Found her," he says.

— Krista Ritchie

Shannon Hale Quotes: She answered by standing and kissing him
She answered by standing and kissing him first and held his cheeks and closed her eyes and felt sure as bones and deep as blood that she had found her place.

— Shannon Hale

Perhaps the old lady had kidnapped Michela, had found her in the park and taken her away, because she had a violent desire for a little girl but couldn't have children. Her womb was defective or else she was unwilling to make a bit of room in it.
Just like me, thought Alice.

— Paolo Giordano

You found her. Excellent. That'd be awkward if we handed out 'lost archangel' posters all over town. No one would take us seriously, for God's sake. They'd arrest us!"
"Ethan." Will mumbled disapprovingly.
"Well, they'd arrest you first," he continued, pointing at Will. "You're far more shady-looking than I. The tattoos. That's what it is.

— Courtney Allison Moulton

Ann Patchett Quotes: No one could see her objectively anyway
No one could see her objectively anyway. Even those who saw her for the first time, before she had opened her mouth to sing. Found her radiant, as if her talent could not be contained in her voice and so poured like light though her skin. Then all that could be seen was the weight and the gloss of her hair and the pale pink of her cheeks and her beautiful hands.

— Ann Patchett

Brenna was fixing some kind of a small computronic device when he found her in her quarters. "Judd," she said, putting down her tools. "You can't be here. The dissonance-"
He interrupted her panicked words. "I need to ask you something important."
"What could be more important than your life?" She sounded close to tears.
"Your life. If you die, I don't know if I'd stay sane." A simple truth.

— Nalini Singh

When he reached the yard, he found Edward with Addie and her dog under a redwood tree. She was lying on her back with her slippers resting on the trunk. Edward's head was on her stomach, and the dog lay with its head on its paws. Her hair hung from its pins, and his eyes traced the silken strands looped on the grass. "My nymph," he said. She jerked to an upright position and began tucking her hair back into its proper position. Though she sprang to her feet, bits of mud and grass clung to her skirt as a reminder of the unladylike position in which he'd found her. His smile broadened.

— Colleen Coble

Running. She was always running. Like a rabbit chased by coywolv. Always hunting for some new safe bolt hole, and every time, the soldier boys found her, and forced her to rabbit again. The doctor was wrong. There was no place to hide, and she'd never be safe as long as she remained close to the Drowned Cities.

— Paolo Bacigalupi

Anonymous. Quotes: She stared at it how had they found her
She stared at it. How had they found her? How? She'd changed her name. She'd disappeared. Had they known where she was all along, been watching her all this time? The idea horrified her. That the years of freedom could have been an illusion ...

— Anonymous.

I completely trust Gloria Vanderbilt. I have always found her very honest.

— Michael Lindsay-Hogg

You are the most beautiful sight, he whispered. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. She leaned into him, her whole body melting. His lips moved to her temple, then her cheek. Finally, they slipped down and found her mouth. He kissed her slowly, reverently, his hands resting on the sides of her head, his thumbs lightly touching her cheekbones.

— Melanie Dickerson

Lisa McMann Quotes: Or maybe she wants to believe that he
Or maybe she wants to believe that he found her on purpose. Even Janie can have her dreams.

— Lisa McMann

I feel hollow, knowing that Puck's here somewhere and I haven't found her. I need to find her, and the needing disquiets me.

— Maggie Stiefvater

She would wonder what had hurt her when she found her face wet with tears, and then would wonder how she could have been hurt without knowing it.

— George MacDonald

Joe Schreiber Quotes: Once i found her sitting straight up at
Once I found her sitting straight up at the dining room table with her eyes half open, staring at nothing. When I touched her shoulder, she didn't even look at me. In spite of all this, or maybe because of it, I always smiled and said hi to her in the halls. I helped her with her English Lit homework and practically did her PowerPoint presentation on the New York Stock Exchange on the morning that it was due. Even so, whenever she saw me coming, she always looked away, like she knew how much crap people gave me about it-not my real friends; I'm talking about world-class losers like Dean Whittaker and Shep Monroe, rich jerks whose Fortune 500 dads swam the icy seas of international finance looking for their next meal. None of that bothered me.

— Joe Schreiber

Mainly, she lived. She got on with the small acts of life. She continued to ensure that - in the phrase she always used inside her own head - she got away with it. No one found her out.

— Maggie O'Farrell

Ally Carter Quotes: There you are hale told his mother when
There you are," Hale told his mother when he found her.
"Oh, darling, do you know Michael Calloway? His mother is the event chair. We've just been arguing over whether he is going to let me outbid him for this gorgeous antique clock," Mrs. Hale said, but her son didn't care.
"Sorry," Hale told the man in the tux with the small bits of sweat gathering at his brow. "I need her," he said, pulling his mother from the table and toward the bank of elevators on the far sie of the room, the ones that appeared to be operational.
"Mom, I need you to come with me,"
"But, darling," the woman protested, "its Swiss!"
The elevator dinged and Hale pushed her inside it. "Sorry, Dad will meet you downstairs.

— Ally Carter

Jojo Moyes Quotes: Did you hear that bernard she said her
Did you hear that, Bernard?" she said, her hand half over the phone. "They're paying her to sleep now."
I could hear my father's exclamation. "Praise the Lord. She's found her dream career.

— Jojo Moyes

Is it possible to fix love and make it stand still in time? Well, we can try, but that would turn our lives into a hell. I haven't been married for more than 20 years to the same person, because neither she nor I have remained the same. That's why our relationship is more alive than ever. I don't expect her to behave as she did when we first met. Nor does she want me to be the person I was when I found her. Love is beyond time, or, rather, love is both time and space, but all focused on one single constantly evolving point
the Aleph.

— Paulo Coelho

Matthew Woodring Stover Quotes: His agony somehow became an invisible
His agony somehow became an invisible hand, stretching out through the Force, a hand that found her, far away, alone in her apartment in the dark, a hand that felt the silken softness of her skin and the sleek coils of her hair, a hand that dissolved into a field of pure energy, of pure feeling that reached inside her
And now he felt her, really felt her in the Force, as though she could have been some kind of Jedi, too, but more than that: he felt a bond, a connection, deeper and more intimate than he'd ever had before with anyone, even Obi-Wan; for a precious eternal instant he was her  ...  he was the beat of her heart and he was the motion of her lips and he was her soft words as though she spoke a prayer to the stars-

— Matthew Woodring Stover

I thought she'd make some comment about the bloodthirsty gods chasing us, but when she finally found her voice, she said, "That boy kissed you!"
Leave it to Liz to have her priorities straight.

— Rick Riordan

Never look back. If Cinderella
had looked back and picked
up the shoe she would have
never found her prince.

— Selena Gomez

Theseus made unscrupulous use of Ariadne (whom he left on an island where Bacchus later found her-I always think that really meant she took to drink, poor girl).

— Diana Wynne Jones

Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Im always terrified before every movie
I'm always terrified before every movie because I haven't found her [the character], and I don't get it. [Without acting, I'd have] become a nurse.

— Jennifer Lawrence

He had been to see Mrs. Erlich just before starting home for the holidays, and found her making German Christmas cakes. She took him into the kitchen and explained the almost holy traditions that governed this complicated cookery. Her excitement and seriousness as she beat and stirred were very pretty, Claude thought. She told off on her fingers the many ingredients, but he believed there were things she did not name: the fragrance of old friendships, the glow of early memories, belief in wonder-working rhymes and songs.

— Willa Cather

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