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Five Years From Now Quotes

If you want to know where youll be five years from now, listen to what youre saying about yourself today.
— Joel Osteen —

I had a chance at him now. Things were a bit more even. He knew my name, I knew his. He had six years' experience, I had five thousand and ten. That was the kind of odds that you could do something with.

— Jonathan Stroud

We have been through this is biennial convulsion four or five different times over the past 10 or 12 years, and now it appears that we are going through this quiet agony all over again.

— Everett Dirksen

'Thrasher' magazine's Skater of the Year is clearly my No. 1 goal. The only way I get that is skating. Other than that, I haven't set that many outrageous goals. If I got Skater of the Year, that would just really add to it all and make me feel really good. Whether it's this year, next year or five years from now, that is my goal.

— Ryan Sheckler

Mrs. Allan's face was not the face of the girlbride whom the minister had brought to Avonlea five years before. It had lost some of its bloom and youthful curves, and there were fine, patient lines about eyes and mouth. A tiny grave in that very cemetery accounted for some of them; and some new ones had come during the recent illness, now happily over, of her little son. But Mrs. Allan's dimples were as sweet and sudden as ever, her eyes as clear and bright and true; and what her face lacked of girlish beauty was now more than atoned for in added tenderness and strength.

— L.M. Montgomery

Now, just think, to accuse me of such a crime. Think of it! I, who have for twenty-five years single- handed struggled against the invasion of the Russian Government into American money markets, and to this day stave them off. Think of it! Who, as I, have been foremost in the past for agitation and insisted to the President of the United States; as some of you must know, that our treaty with Russia must be abrogated.

— Jacob Schiff

I've been very careful about what I say yes to and what I say no to. And I think seriously always about ... this may be a good idea right now or it may be a lot of money right now, but will it be good for me five years from now? Will it be fun? Will it make me hate myself? I think about all of those things.

— Anthony Bourdain

I might not be as successful as you are today, but tomorrow, next month, next year, or five years from now will be another story.

— Jon Jones

[Facebook] is shaping a broader web. If you look back for the past five or seven years, the story about social networking has really been about getting people connected ... But if you look forward for the next five years, I think that the story people are going to remember five years from now isn't how this one site was built; it is how every single service that you use is now going to be better with your friends.

— Mark Zuckerberg

How will we experience the world a month, a year, or five years from now? Will we be even angrier, more grasping and fearful, or will some shift have occurred? This depends entirely on the tendencies we reinforce today.

— Pema Chodron

Five years from now, I don't know how I'll think.

— Larry Ellison

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