First Time Grandmother Quotes

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First Time Grandmother Quotes

When I met Rachel Robinson for the first time, she is a regal woman, and she was like a grandmother in that first meeting.
— Chadwick Boseman —

That's because we keep weapons int the attic, silly boy. Do you think this is the first time monsters have attacked our family?"
"Weapons," Frank grumbled. "Right. I've never handled weapons before."
Grandmother's nostrils flared. "Was that sarcasm, Fai Zhang?"
"Yes, Grandmother."
"Good. There may be hope for you yet.

— Rick Riordan

Did Owen say your grandmother was a banshee?"
"He said she was 'wailing like a banshee,'" I explained.
Dan got out the dictionary , then; he was clucking his tongue and shaking his head, and laughing at himself saying, "That boy! What a boy! Brilliant but preposterous!" And that was the first time I learned, literally, what a banshee was
a banshee, in Irish folklore, is a female spirit whose wailing is a sign that a loved one will soon die.

— John Irving

I've always been in love with Melbourne. When I was 12, I was taken into the city by my grandmother to go to the ballet for the first time.

— Kerry Greenwood

My first deepening of spirituality came when I was 6, when I was moved from my grandmother and sent to live with my mother - whom I really did not know - who had moved to Milwaukee. Something inside myself knew that I was never going to see my grandmother again - I would be wasting my time to live in that space of wanting that.

— Oprah Winfrey

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