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Hello, sexy. I knew that you couldnt get through the night without me," Finns smug, slightly sleepy voice filled my ear. "So why dont you tell me what youre wearing?" I rolled my eyes. Apparently, my foster brother hadnt bothered to check his caller ID before he picked up the phone. I wondered if this was how he answered all his late night calls, or if he was actually expecting to hear from Bria. I really hoped it was the second one. "What am I wearing? Well, right now it would be the blood of two giants, among other naughty unmentionables," I purred. "What does that do for you, sexy?" Silence. Then Finn cleared his throat. "Uh Gin? Did you dial my number by mistake? Shouldnt you be cooing these sweet, sweet nothings into Owens ear instead of mine?
— Jennifer Estep —

Just out of interest, what did you make of my Finn?
Probably the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

— Tabitha McGowan

Julie swallowed. "Flat Finn is on Facebook?" She'd love to see those status updates. 'Got strapped to the roof of the car today for a trip to Starbucks. Would have loved to taste caramel mocha, but can't move arms and so was forced to stare longingly at delicious hot beverage. Will the taunting never end?

— Jessica Park

What is whiter than snow?' he said. 'The truth,' said Grania.
'What is the best colour?' said Finn. 'The colour of childhood,' said she.
'What is hotter than fire?' 'The face of a hospitable man when he sees a stranger coming in, and the house empty.'
'What has a taste more bitter than poison?' 'The reproach of an enemy.'
'What is best for a champion?' 'His doings to be high, and his pride to be low.'
'What is the best of jewels?' 'A knife.'
'What is sharper than a sword?' 'The wit of a woman between two men.'
'What is quicker than the wind?' said Finn then. 'A woman's mind,' said Grania. And indeed she was telling no lie when she said that.

— Lady Augusta Gregory

Never try to out-drink a Swede, unless you happen to be a Finn or at least a Russian.

— Jonas Jonasson

Wendy!" Finn shouted pulling me from my moment with Loki. "What are you doing? You're married. And not to him."
"Nothing slips by you does it." Loki asked.

— Amanda Hocking

Jimmy Finn was not burned in the calaboose, but died a natural death in a tan vat, of a combination of delirium tremens and spontaneous combustion. When I say natural death, I mean it was a natural death for Jimmy Finn.

— Mark Twain

That wasn't so bad," I said. It wasn't bad at all, really. The nerve-racking buildup had been the worse part.
The Chancellor was sweating like a pig, but this was nothing new. I smiled gratefully at Tove. It had been nice having him at my side. Backup and support were never a bad thing.
"Those little hobgoblins freak me out." Duncan shuddered at the thought of Ludlow. "I don't know how they can live with them."
"I'm sure they think the same thing about you," Finn muttered.

— Amanda Hocking

There is something very shocking about seeing him standing dark and still on our doorstep. I lean the door a ways. The night's getting chilly. "You got away from the yard."
"Is it still all right?"
"It's all right. It's me and Gabe and Finn and Tommy Falk."
"I've brought this." He holds up the bread, which is clearly a Palson's loaf, and it's still so fresh that I can smell the warmth of it. He must've come straight from there.

— Maggie Stiefvater

Finn slipped an arm around her waist and squeezed. "We've got to keep them, Callie. I'm already attached to the critters."
"We talkin' about Angel and Pistol or the kids?"
"The whole lot of them. Verdie included. A ranch is just dirt without kids and animals even if they knock over Christmas trees and fall in mud and cow shit. But it needs a good woman, too."
"You callin' me a good woman, or are you going to put an ad in the newspaper for one?" she asked.

— Carolyn Brown

He likes me!" Finn exclaimed, sounding downright giddy. "You brought him a rare LEGO. You could burn down our house, and he would still look at you all googly-eyed." "Don't ruin this moment for me," he said, shushing me.

— Molly Harper

Finn and Bobby are fighting over the wrong thing. But at least they're fighting." "And how is that good?" "Because that's the only way to get somewhere better." He shrugged. "If you fight, you work it out. If you don't fight, you move into your own corners, and nothing gets decided there.

— Laura Dave

Despite Bria's icy attitude, Finn didn't give up. He focused all of his attention on her, as if he were a general and she was just another battle to be won no matter what casualties he might suffer along the way-including the complete and utter loss of his self-respect, pride, and dignity. Bria coolly rebuffed all of his advances, but she wasn't completely immune to his charms. Interest sparked in her gaze whenever she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. Bria enjoyed being chased just as much as Finn liked running after her.

— Jennifer Estep

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