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Finished Relationship Quotes

She keeps asking me where were going." "Yeah," another voice said. It was Shane, pulling up a chair beside Claire. "Girls do that. Theyve always got to be taking the relationship somewhere." "Thats not true!" "It is," he said. "I get it; somebodys got to be looking ahead. But it makes guys think theyre-" "Closed in," Michael said. "Trapped," Shane added. "Idiots," Claire finished.
— Rachel Caine —

You can put the girl in a relationship ... ," I began, putting my arm around her. "But you can't take the boy-crazy out of the girl," Cassie finished.

— Jocelyn Davies

She suddenly looks different to Olympia, physically different, as though a portrait has been alterred. And Olympia thinks that possibly such adjustments might have to be made for everyone she knows. Upon meeting a person, a sketch is formed, and for the life of the relationship, however intimate or not, a portrait is painted, with oils or pastels or with black ink or with watercolor, and only at a persons's death can the portraits be considered finished. Perhaps not even at the person's death.

— Anita Shreve

That, I think, is the shock of any relationship ending. It is realizing that what is still an ongoing relationship to someone is, for the other person, something finished and done with.

— Robin Hobb

Reality is not meant to be only creedal, though the creeds are important. Reality is to be experienced, and experienced on the basis of a restored relationship with God through that finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.

— Francis Schaeffer

I finished The Freebie, which was a small relationship "talky" movie, and I was like, "I just want to get out of the house! And I want there to be some action, and I want some tension in there!"

— Katie Aselton

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