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Finally Realized Quotes

There were two ways to get through something like this, she finally realized. Being utterly dead inside and completely cold-blooded. Or being 100 percent obsessed with living.
— B.G. Harlen —

If you say I hide things because I'm shy, that can't be right. I've finally realized it's for a different reason
that I don't want to see the darkness that lies in my heart

— Natsuo Kirino

Jeff, I have a problem."
"I'm glad you've finally realized I'm your answer, Merit.

— Chloe Neill

I finally realized that what I wanted didn't exist where I thought it did.

— Kate Perry

He finally realized that she was reading at his lap. Not in a gross way. She was looking at his comics- he could see her eyes moving.

— Rainbow Rowell

Kessell tried to goad the sweat out of him. The wizard swayed the deadly candle tantalizingly about, causing the rays to shift back and forth. When he finally realized that he would not hear any whimpering or begging out of the proud ranger, Kessell grew tired of the game. "Farewell, fool," he growled and puckered his lips to puff on the flame. Regis blew out the candle. Everything seemed to come to a complete halt for several seconds. The wizard looked down at the halfling, whom he thought to be his slave, in horrified amazement. Regis merely shrugged his shoulders, as if he was as surprised by his uncharacteristically brave act as Kessell. Relying on instinct, the wizard threw the silver plate that held the candle through the glass of the mirror and ran screaming toward the back corner of the room to a small ladder hidden in the shadows.

— R.A. Salvatore

Years later she finally realized what he'd been doing by making her wait so long. He'd given her a reason to leave him. A very good reason. He loved her enough to let her go even before he'd had her. And she'd loved him enough to wait for him.

— Tiffany Reisz

I was such a smart kid, I should have figured out that the only way to really get my parents' attention was to disappoint them or fail. But by the time I finally realized that, succeeding was already a habit too ingrained to break.

— Sarah Dessen

I made a lot of different experiments with tapes at that time, until I finally realized around 1995, that sound is an interesting subject for me. Ever since then sound got more and more integrated into my art works, musically as well as physically.

— Alva Noto

It's true that my mom loved it when I played Joanie Cunningham in the musical 'Happy Days,' but I think she finally realized I am never going to do 'Oklahoma!'

— Christine Lakin

Some people's joints articulate in a manner that allows them to benefit greatly from squats; others may not benefit at all. If you're not too tall and have short limbs, it may be the best exercise for you, but if you're tall with long legs, it might be both ineffective and dangerous.I was stubbornly faithful to squats for years until I finally realized they were not well-suited for my body structure. After I switched tomore muscle-intensive movements, my gains in leg size were astounding.

— Dorian Yates

Only now have I finally realized that my life has been an unending field trip. And I have tried hard not to be a tourist. But to be an adventurer, a traveler, an explorer, a learner, and a pilgrim.

— Robert Fulghum

I finally realized that no one is perfect and that I like the fact that I look different and don't have the perfect body. No one does!

— Shay Mitchell

I finally realized that so much of the music world is about how much money you've got, how much you can pay to make your record successful.

— Patrick Wolf

For I've finally realized, that I could be infinitely better than before, definitely stronger. I'll face whatever comes my way, I'll savor each moment of the day, Love as many people as I can along the way. Help someone who's given up, even if it's just to raise my eyes and pray.

— Gloria Estefan

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