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Figured Out Quotes

Always just remember that you can never know all; youre always going to be learning; theres always going to be something new. I dont think youll ever have it all figured out.
— Iain De Caestecker —

Life is a life-long assignment that must be constantly analyzed, clarified, figured out, and responded to appropriately.

— Chip Kidd

I figured out that I can't forget. I can't really forgive. But I can live. Live with it. Like you live with a scar or a limp or whatever. You always know it's there. It reminds you never to let yourself do anything so stupid and horrible and wrong again. I step out of my rut, step again, and keep stepping. (277)

— Gail Giles

The common error today is to bring God so close that we strip Him of His "godness." We think we have him figured out. So God becomes our pal, our buddy, our Divine Butler."
from "Dug Down Deep

— Joshua Harris

I was quite possibly in the midst of losing my mind. I needed to get away from people until I figured out if I actually was losing my mind.

— Ransom Riggs

Even as a kid, I was a businessman. I figured out that if you plucked all the berries off my neighbor's tree and smashed them up, they made a Nickelodeon Gak-type consistency. I sold them to all the neighborhood kids and made stacks of quarters. Of course, the berries were poisonous, and I got in all types of trouble.

— Adam DeVine

Oh, I'd kill him-once I figured out how to summon my demon before he could pin her down again. He was so going on my revenge list.

— Pippa DaCosta

This dilettante notion that the global economy is evil because big corporate leaders make too much money ... they do make too much money, but the only way we've figured out how to generate wealth in this world is through the market economy.

— Joe Klein

Humans haven't quite figured out how to generate energy by pulling it out of the vacuum, but that's according to mainstream science.

— Anonymous.

I came because as soon as we figured out where you might be, nothing would've kept me from finding you. Nothing.

— Lara Adrian

A guy said to me, 'You're so lucky. You have people like Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand and The Beatles doing your songs.' I figured out, though, the harder I work the luckier I get. The secret of anything is to surround yourself with good people if you want a good product.

— Buck Owens

Just when you think you've got Arranged figured out, time and again Catherine McKenzie delivers the flawless, unexpected twist that keeps you glued to the book.

— Cathy Marie Buchanan

At the moment, the 4 percent of us in this country produce a quarter of the world's carbon dioxide - once you look at maps of rising sea levels and spreading mosquitoes, you realize that we've probably never figured out a way to hate our neighbors around the world much more effectively.

— Bill McKibben

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