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Feet On Ground Quotes

Feet on ground, Heart in hand, Facing forward, Be yourself.
— Jann Arden —

There is a little phrase commonly used in police work that says, "in accordance with the evidence." You say that over six times a day as a grace before and after meals, and perhaps it will keep your feet on the ground and stop you ending up thinking you're Frederick the Great or a hedgehog or something.

— Josephine Tey

But there's no emergency kit for marriage. No neat plan you can turn to when the ground shifts beneath your feet.

— Michelle Richmond

When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.

— StanisÅ‚aw Jerzy Lec

As in the universe every atom has an effect, however miniscule, on every other atom, so that to pinch the fabric of Time and Space at any point is to shake the whole length and breadth of it, so that to change a character's name from Jane to Cynthia is to make the fictional ground shudder under her feet.

— John Gardner

She said, "You say no one ever is sure what to expect. On either side. Which is a good thing. It means the game goes to the fastest thinker. That's all I need to be." "Correct," I said. "Weird things are going to happen, and things are going to change, and the ground is going to move under our feet, but if we keep on thinking fast, we'll be OK.

— Lee Child

I don't think many people would think I'm a designer. I behave in a different way. I'd get knocked down and cut to pieces if I went home and flounced about; this industry is known for the flounciness, but I've got my feet on the ground.

— Alice Temperley

Ed's breath wanders over me, and he spotlights that freckle on my neck with his eyes and the heat of the night is sharper than ever and it feels like we're hanging from the sky or the ceiling. Swaying around each other without our feet on the ground. If we touched I wouldn't be surprised to hear chiming.

— Cath Crowley

I've got my feet on the ground because I've got a lovely family waiting for me when I get home, even though they're not my flesh and blood. I haven't got children. That's my only regret, I suppose.

— Bonnie Tyler

If you live on an atoll and you get a warning by radio that a big wave is coming and everyone is told to move to higher ground, where are you supposed to go on these islands? There is none. The highest ground is four-meters (around 13 feet) above sea level, meaning you'd be safer in a coconut tree. How, though, are you supposed to get your grandfather, grandmother and grandchildren up there?

— Enele Sopoaga

My husband and I don't worry about each other the way we might if we didn't have similar jobs. I sometimes get an email where he tells me he's heading off on a mission to do terrain avoidance 50 feet above the ground at 500 knots. And I just say, "Okay, have a good flight."

— Julie Payette

I was thinking, I could turn him into a fly and drop him into a spider's web and watch him tangled and helpless and struggling, shut into the body of a dying buzzing fly; I could wish him dead until he died.I could fasten him to a tree and keep him there until he grew into the trunk and bark grew over his mouth. if he was under the ground I could walk over him stamping my feet.

— Shirley Jackson

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