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Feeling Affected Quotes

The constructs of the mathematical mind are at the same time free and necessary. The individual mathematician feels free to define his notions and set up his axioms as he pleases. But the question is will he get his fellow mathematician interested in the constructs of his imagination. We cannot help the feeling that certain mathematical structures which have evolved through the combined efforts of the mathematical community bear the stamp of a necessity not affected by the accidents of their historical birth.
— Hermann Weyl —

I pulled, allowing her body to slide down mine. I kept my hands at her waist to slow her descent. The shifting of her body against mine was heavenly. She sucked in a breath, and when our faces were level, her eyes were not narrowed, but closed. Her lips weren't pursed, but her bottom lip was caught between her teeth in a way that made my mouth dry. Her cheeks were still flushed, but I had a feeling it wasn't about anger anymore.
"You did that on purpose," she said.
I laughed, and it came out raspy. She wasn't the only one affected by our closeness. "I definitely did that on purpose. I think we should make this a post-show ritual actually.

— Cora Carmack

At the thought of him, knots twisted in my stomach, a mixture of lingering hurt, the vapid bite of confusion ... and guilt. My hands curled helplessly in my lap. I hated feeling that way
hated that I was still affected by Roth and that I could feel fault in any of this. He was the one who'd pushed me away ... pushed me right into the arms of Zayne,
Which were very nice arms, I thought, staring at his biceps.
I felt like a total creeper.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

I don't like feeling vulnerable. I think my mum and dad's divorce affected me more than I let on.

— Abbey Clancy

He had never got so much back for himself from any pupil as he did from Miss Kronborg. From the first she had stimulated him; something in her personality invariably affected him. Now that he was feeling his way toward her voice, he found her more interesting than ever before. She lifted the tedium of the winter for him, gave him curious fancies and reveries. Musically, she was sympathetic to him. Why this was true, he never asked himself. He had learned that one must take where and when one can the mysterious mental irritant that rouses one's imagination; that it is not to be had by order. She often wearied him, but she never bored him.

— Willa Cather

The switch to wi-fi came on so fast that it's everywhere now. It's really affecting things and I have a feeling that we're going to find out a lot more about what it's actually doing in a few years. I've had friends who are really sensitive to those kinds of frequencies and they are really affected by it.

— Mason Jennings

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