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Facing Quotes

Perfectionist parents seem to operate under the illusion that if they can just get their children to be perfect, they will be a perfect family. They put the burden of stability on the child to avoid facing the fact that they, as parents, cannot provide it. The child fails and becomes the scapegoat for family problems. Once again, the child is saddled with the blame.
— Susan Forward —

We don't like to hurt. And there is no worse pain for fallen people than facing an emptiness we cannot fill. To enter into pain seems rather foolish when we can run from it through denial. We simply cannot get it through our head that, with a nature twisted by sin, the route to joy always involves the very worst sort of internal suffering we can imagine. We rebel at that thought. We weren't designed to hurt. The physical and personal capacities to feel that God built into us were intended to provide pleasures, like good health and close relationships. When they don't, when our head throbs with tension and our heart is broken by rejection, we want relief. With deep passion, we long to experience what we were designed to enjoy.

— Larry Crabb

Everyone facing death, especially premature death, like us, will be kicking themselves about each wasted hour.

— Hans Fallada

Abruptly. "That's the way it always is. People hurt you and walk all over you. They lie to you and betray you, and then with those two little words, they expect it should all somehow be wiped from the slate. As if I'm sorry had some sort of magical powers to take away the pain." ... I know your faith says you're supposed to forgive people when they ask for it, but I think that's malarkey. Why give absolution to someone when they're only seeking forgiveness to ease their own conscience ? They don't care that what they've done has permanently scarred you. They don't care that they've robbed you of all security." ... When pressed for a reason for their actions or when facing the consequences, people are suddenly ever so sorry and apologetic ." She looked at Jana, but Jana was sure she didn't see her. Her mother was a million miles away. "Consequences don't just go away. They aren't suddenly dissolved just because forgiveness has been desired or given.

— Tracie Peterson

And now, at last, gaiaphage and Nemesis stood facing each other.
"Why didn't you just ... fade?" Gaia demanded plaintively.
"You hit me," Nemesis said. It was a little boy's voice coming from Caine's mouth. "And that's not okay.

— Michael Grant

Funding for sports (and the arts) are often the first things facing the chop in difficult times.

— Lucy Powell

Like many animals, wild ponies can sense a drop in barometric pressure. When a storm threatens, they know to seek shelter in hilly areas and huddle together with their rumps facing the oncoming wind.

— Diane Ackerman

I think, in real life, when we're facing death - that is, when we come out on the other side of it, whether it's death of a friend or a family member - you come out on the other side of the mourning cherishing your life that much more.

— Tony DiTerlizzi

The amount of time I spent on facing my negative conscious has been most of my struggle and changing my mind-set has been the biggest change in my life not my weight.

— Erin Willett

No matter how different our First Ladies have been - and as individual women they have ranged from recluses to vibrant hostesses to political manipulators on a par with Machiavelli - they have all shared the unnerving experience of facing a job they did not choose.

— Margaret Truman Daniel

My parents insisted that we should always be respectful, never forget where we come from and that we are part of the challenges facing our people

— Patrice Motsepe

We need a president who stands up, number one, and says, we will defeat ISIS. And number two, says the greatest national security threat facing America is a nuclear Iran.

— Ted Cruz

Growth requires facing where you're at so you can go to the NEXT LEVEL

— Joyce Meyer

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