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Explore Yourself Quotes

Actors get to go to these amazing worlds. In Terminator, I was a cyborg with feelings; in Avatar, I lived for 15 months on a fantastical planet, and in Clash of the Titans, I get to fight a scorpion the size of a dump truck. Its a bizarre job, but you explore yourself.
— Sam Worthington —

Dare to be different. Dare to accept yourself for who YOU are. Dare to live your life without limits. Dare to follow YOUR dreams. Dare to explore, experience, and make mistakes. Dare to live your life without being afraid. Live, learn, and grow. It's your life! Make every decision that you make count for something. Always know your value as a person and don't allow anybody to make you feel anything different. You may have to stand alone at times, but don't be dismayed. There's something special about you! Allow yourself to shine and dare to do the unknown.

— Stephanie Lahart

For this very short time in your life, and possibly never again, you will be given a very unique gift: a supremely rich environment with ample time, space, safety and people to explore whatever interests you intensely, to push yourself, to make mistakes and recover from them, and to live as deeply as you'd like in the hope of finding yourself or, at least, the beginnings of yourself.
Such an opportunity may never present itself again. So, embrace it and ... Carpe College!

— Michael Metzler

If there's one thing I've discovered, it's that stifling yourself will only lead to more misery. [ ... ] I polluted all other happiness because I was afraid to let myself create and change. You have to have courage. Real courage to explore, to fail, and to pick yourself back up again.

— Siobhan Vivian

Open yourself to discomfort. Meet it with mercy, not fear. Recognize that when our pain most calls for our embrace, we are often the least present. Soften, enter, and explore, and continue softening to make room for your life.

— Stephen Levine

Life wants you to be complete unto yourself, generally enjoy and expand consciousness, open, explore, love.

— Jay Woodman

Having difficulty deciding? Or are you afraid of tapping into that emotion? I'm sorry you have to feel it, but I think you can create something amazing if you let yourself explore it. It may not help you heal, but it may help you process it.

— Rebecca Donovan

I'm very happy with my lot. I like the variety I get. You don't want to spend your life repeating yourself. It's true of any kind of artist, you want to explore as wide and far as you can go, so that's what I've been trying to do.

— Toni Collette

If you have the impression that you know the other person inside and out, you are wrong. Are you sure that you even know yourself? Every person is a world to explore.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

The asanas are useful maps to explore yourself, but they are not the territory.

— Donna Farhi

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