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If youre white and wealthy, Texas is a great place, however, no Texas governor Republican or Democrat is eager to raise taxes and without that you cant expand access to health care or decrease the cost of higher education.
— Calvin Jillson —

You start off with a little spark, and it's whether or not you nurture that spark. You have to expand it and work on it

— Ed-Sheeran

I have a dream that in the not-too-distant future, Visy Tumut will spend around $100 m to expand our clean energy generation here and take in additional waste forest wood to generate clean renewable energy and sell it into the power grid.

— Anthony Pratt

The best time to expand is when people are asleep at the wheel.

— Barbara Corcoran

The time which we have at our disposal every day is elastic; the passions that we feel expand it, those that we inspire contract it; and habit fills up what remains.

— Marcel Proust

What is uncertain is how much further the bubble can expand, and what might pop it.

— David Einhorn

It certainly makes sense to expand the pulp industry in Indonesia, .. It's clear that it will be a very competitive exporter of pulp to the rest of the world, including China and India. So the interest by the Indonesian government is clearly to establish a really competitive plantation fiber base to support a globally attractive export industry.

— David Walker

It's time that I stop referring to myself, thinking about myself, planning for myself, according to the gridlines and the timelines and the guidelines of people. I will expand in this universe, I will not stay on the lines nor within the lines written by this world.

— C. JoyBell C.

The equipment and weaponry will continually change and improve, and the size of the military will expand as needed, decreasing during times of peace. But the unyielding will of the soldier and the dedication of professional military leaders will not change. Our soldiers can do a great deal more under pressure than people think. You'd have to see them perform in combat to believe it.

— George W. Dunaway

If the logic of capitalism is "expand or die," then either it has to die or the world has to die.

— Bill Ayers

In the same way that we want to expand mental health service for people with mental illness, we also need to make sure that our police officers are getting the mental health help they need.

— Brian Lindstrom

When there's an opportunity, some people pass it by. I've been lucky enough to recognise opportunities and every day, in my business, there's an opportunity somewhere - to buy, expand, design.

— Laurence Graff

Innovating economies expand and develop. Economies that do not add new kinds of goods and services, but continue only to repeat old work, do not expand much nor do they, by definition, develop.

— Jane Jacobs

Once you've found your own voice, the choice to expand your influence, to increase your contribution, is the choice to inspire others to find their voice.

— Stephen Covey

The terrorist attacks on September the 11th were a turning point for our nation. We saw the goals of a determined enemy: to expand the scale of their murder, and force America to retreat from the world. And our nation accepted a mission: We will defeat this enemy. The United States of America is determined to guard our homeland against future attacks. As the September the 11th Commission concluded, our country is safer than we were three years ago, but we are not yet safe.

— George W. Bush

With the corporatization and privatization of higher education, it is increasingly more difficult for colleges and universities to expand and deepen democratic public life, produce engaged critical citizens, and operate as democratic public spheres.

— Henry Giroux

I am firmly opposed to the government entering into any business the major purpose of which is competition with our citizens ... for the Federal Government deliberately to go out to build up and expand ... a power and manufacturing business is to break down the initiative and enterprise of the American people; it is the destruction of equality of opportunity amongst our people, it is the negation of the ideals upon which our civilization has been based.

— Herbert Hoover

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