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Everything Is Lost Quotes

If true love breaks as easily as a delusion, on what can we rely? What will people pin their hopes on?" [Nilima] "Theyll have the sweet, intimate memories of a lost paradise, and beside it a sea of sorrow ... People looking on from outside think all is lost ... What remains when everything is lost can be held in the palm, like a jewel. It cant be flaunted in a pageant, so the lookers-on are disappointed and jeer as they return home.." [Kamal] " ... Jewels are not meant for everybody, certainly not for the rabble. People whore only happy when decked out with gold and silver from top to toe wont understand the value of your tiny diamonds and gems. Those who want a lot feel secure only after tying knot upon knot. They put a price on something only by its weight and show and bulk. But its useless to try and show the sunrise from a western window..[Nilima]
— Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay —

Everything goes, everything is lost, eventually. But if something is good, it doesn't matter what happens. The ending is still happy.

— Geoff Ryman

They say there's so much beauty in the world, but I don't see it. Perhaps that's my problem. Am I crazy for having major depressive disorder, or is the rest of the population crazy for not having it? How do you even define sanity? Is it the will to live another day in spite of a lifetime of failures? Or is it the desire to keep going after you've lost everything you really, truly cared about?

— Cyma Rizwaan Khan

You are everything good and straight and fine and true-and I see that so clearly now, in the way you've carried yourself and listened to your own heart. You've changed me more than you know, and will always be a part of everything I am. That's one thing I've learned from this. No one you love is ever truly lost.

— Paula McLain

If I think, everything is lost.

— Paul Cézanne

I'm not a church kind of person, not when it comes to praying. To be honest, for me it never gets much past hoping. But I know this, and I want to say it. And I really hope someone will listen. There is a point. I don't know what it is, but everything I've had, and everything I've lost, and everything I felt - it meant something. Maybe there isn't a meaning to life. Maybe there's only a meaning to living.

— Kami Garcia

Now, after so many years, I understand what the Coldness was and where it came from-this sense that everything is lost, and worthless, and meaningless.

— Lauren Oliver

I'm overwhelmed with sadness for everything that was lost, and filled with anger toward the people who took it away. My people-or at least, my old people. I don't know who I am anymore, or where I belong.
That's not totally true ... I know I belong with Alex.

— Lauren Oliver

Beginnings are always like this. One minute everything exists, the next minute everything is lost.

— Haruki Murakami

And if you'd been healthy and happy, you wouldn't have come home?"
"When everything is lost a man seeks refuge, as if he were returning to his mother's womb."
"And after that?"
"After that he forgets. He's driven to it by his restlessness. He wants to be what he was not, or what he was. He runs away from his fortune and looks for another.

— Mesa Selimovic

I was surrounded by hundreds of drowned children, heads in the water, their little feet in the air.
All the little duckies, with their heads in the water
Heads in the water.
It was my punishment. Honor lost. Everything lost.
Shame is a hunter.
My shame was all around me now.

— Ruta Sepetys

It had made her too helpless, because that's what love did. There was no way around it and no way to fight it. Now if she lost, she lost everything.

— Alice Hoffman

That is life ... to begin again when everything is lost!

— A.J. Cronin

The more you fail, the more you succeed. It is only when everything is lost and - instead of giving up - you go on, that you experience the momentary prospect of some slight progress. Suddenly you have the feeling - be it an illusion or not - that something new has opened up.

— Alberto Giacometti

Americans resent the vagaries of weather to a degree unknown to other peoples ... Weather is a force we have lost touch with. We feel entitled to dominate it, like everything else in the environment, and when we can't are more panic-stricken than primitives who know that when nature is out of control they can only pray to the gods.

— Eleanor Perenyi

Mankind is ever the same, and nothing lost out of nature, though everything is altered.

— John Dryden

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