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Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine Quotes

She will see & know for certain that everything is going to be just fine. But this day, this first day, ... & when the wings of change have brushed against her life yet again, she just wants to be pissed off.
— Kris Radish —

I turned off the projector and Alex mumbled something in her sleep and turned over. I said, "Everything is fine, I'm going home now," and said it just so I could say I'd said it in case she was upset later that I'd left without telling her. I thought about kissing her on the forehead but rejected the idea immediately; whatever physical intimacy had opened up between us had dissolved with the storm; even that relatively avuncular gesture would be strange for both of us now. More than that: it was as though the physical intimacy with Alex, just like the sociability with strangers or the aura around objects, wasn't just over, but retrospectively erased. Because those moments had been enabled by a future that had never arrived, they could not be remembered from this future that, at and as the present, had obtained; they'd faded from the photograph.

— Ben Lerner

When she felt the hot creamy chocolate go down her throat and into her stomach some of the tension in her body disappeared. Three long sips later and she felt close to being able to face the day. By
the time half the cocoa was gone she was in her special place, the place where everything was fine and she could face anything including Connor and a visit from her dad. By the time she finished the rest of the cocoa she'd be able to keep this calm going for the rest of the day, but of course she needed a second cup.

— R.L. Mathewson

When I am about to have a difficult project, I dream I am climbing a mountain. When everything is going fine, I dream I am going down the mountain.

— Eric Ripert

- If you like me that much, you'll do anything I tell you to do, right? You won't get angry, right?
- No of course not.
- And you'll take care of me always and always.
- Of course I will. Don't worry, everything is going to be fine.
- But I'm scared.

— Haruki Murakami

The music and everything we're doing on the stage and on television backs itself up. If that's what gets people's curiosity going or brings their attention to us, that's fine.

— Tina Yothers

It is kind of a problem in America that so many Americans believe if they elect a different president, everything is going to be fine.

— Jeff Greene

I'm bound to say that New York's a topping place to be exiled in. Everybody was awfully good to me, and there seemed to be plenty of things going on, and I'm a wealthy bird, so everything was fine.

— P.G. Wodehouse

Bits of it floating in the air, he said. It's like dust. You walk about and don't see it, don't notice it, but it's there and it's all coming down, covering everything. You're breathing it in. You touch it. You drink it. You eat it. But it's so fine you don't notice it. But you're covered in it. It's everywhere. What I mean is, we're afraid. Just stand still for an instant and there it is, this fear, covering our faces and tongues. If we stopped to take account of it, we'd just fall into despair. But we can't stop. We've got to keep going.

— Colum McCann

I guess I found it useful to realise that everything is true at once, you know? You can pull back and say, 'Everything will be fine,' but you can also be in a situation and say, 'Not everything is going to be fine.'

— Feist

We all live in a society where someone who lives right across hasn't eaten and you don't know it or you are having problems where you are close to suicide and no one knows; everyone is going about their duty and thinking everything is fine. It's a dual world we live in and there is so much going on and yet it is not so obvious because we all live in our individual worlds.

— Juliet Asante

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