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Everything in my life is a fragile decision that somebody else made.
— Chris Martin —

The effort to discover an authentic self, to strip away layers of alienation and culturally imposed identity and find a soul in a clear, unimpeded communion with the sacred is consonant with spiritual quests throughout the ages. Spiritual feminists, no less than medieval mystics, are searching in the ways made available to them through their culture to separate themselves from everything in their hearts and minds that puts them at odds with the divine plan (and therefore with their own best interests), and to find a true harmony between themselves and the universe.

— Cynthia Eller

Kid, not everything in life can be summed up neatly in a paragraph. No book has all of the answers. Not even the really good ones. You have to find the answers yourself sometimes.

— Heather Brewer

Now he looked at the classic parked on the street and admitted, "I bought it soon after we met. I ... had hoped someday I might have this chance."
I pointed to the Galaxie. "You can't possibly have felt like that for me then!"
He turned to gaze into my eyes, laying his chin on my shoulder as he said softly, "I have loved you with everything in me from the moment I saw you.

— Jennifer Rardin

I am trying to prioritize and keep everything in balance, which for me is not easy.

— Gordon Gee

I love life, but not everything in it. I love people, but not all of them. I love myself, but not everything about me.

— Phillip C. McGraw

Now, remember, Jesus did not go around simply being nice to people. This is where the idea of "loving others" has gotten turned into a "get well" card. Christians honestly and sincerely believe that being nice is what they are called to do. No, you are called to do something far more powerful than be nice; you are called to love. And what love has in mind is not "How can I keep things running smoothly here?" but rather, "What does this person truly need?" This will change everything in the way you relate to people; it will help you love them.

— John Eldredge

I speak with my father about everything in my life.

— Jared Kushner

And the whole thing is that you're treated like a step-child. Here it was down here, everything in the black, because they were stealing, basically. Stealing from us old country boys down here.

— Waylon Jennings

In racing there are always things you can learn, every single day. There is always space for improvement, and I think that applies to everything in life.

— Lewis Hamilton

[On deciding not to have children:] Yes, there is a little sadness ... But there's also a little sadness around the fact I may never get to go to the moon. Jeez, you can't do everything in this lifetime.

— Henriette Mantel

Everything in moderation. And that includes a couple of beers a day.

— Stephen King

I believe only in French culture and consider everything in Europe that calls itself 'culture' a misunderstanding, not to speak of German culture.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Everything in business is to get you face to face with people to respond to your offer. You have to realize the Internet is merely a door opening, and it has to be followed up by aggressive sales activity by the business owner.

— Brian Tracy

Your thoughts really, truly shape everything in your life that you feel and experience.

— Tony Robbins

Look, nearly everything in the culture says we're freaks. Doing sex work, we're desired; we can get rewarded for being what we've always wanted to be. What's so bad about that? My own notion is I wish sex work would be decriminalized (not legalized, please note the distinction) so that more trannies could get into the field if they wanted to and not get into trouble for it.

— Kate Bornstein

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