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Every Little Girl Quotes

A man can own a woman or a man can own a knife, but no man can own both. Every little girl learns that from her mother.
— George R.R. Martin —

When I was a little girl,' I said, sitting down, 'the wallpaper in my room had pictures of Noah's story.' [ ... ]
You know what's weird though? It's weird that the ark would be such a kids' story, you know? I mean, it's ... really a story about death. Every person who isn't in Noah's family? They die. Every animal, apart from two of each on the boat? They die. They all die in the flood. Billions of creatures. It's the worst tragedy ever,' I finished, my voice tied off by a knot in my chest.[ ... ] 'What the hell,'I said, 'pardon my language, was that doing on my wallpaper?

— Adam Rex

Every little girl knows about love. It is only her capacity to suffer from it that increases.

— Françoise Sagan

After all, inside every woman, no matter how grown up she is, there is still a frightened little girl.

— Sergei Lukyanenko

Caine met Diana's disbelieving gaze and laughed aloud.
"Why so gloomy? Doesn't every little girl want to grow up to be a queen?"
"Princess," Diana said.
"So, you got a promotion," Caine said.

— Michael Grant

To every little girl her father is a hero.

— Alexandra Kerry

I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the table every night.

— Lady Gaga

Smiling face of every little girl is the signature of God's presence.

— Amit Ray

No need to explain. Life is short, baby girl. You take every little piece of happiness you can get.

— Lexi Blake

One could know a thousand women, Gascoigne thought; one could take a different girl every night for years and years-but sooner or later, the new lovers would do little more than call to mind the old, and one would be forced to wander, lost, in that reflective maze of endless comparison, forever disappointed, forever turning back.

— Eleanor Catton

A man can own a woman or a man can own a knife, but no man can own both. Every little girl learns that from her mother.

— George R.R. Martin

She hears all the voices from when she was little, soothing, strengthening: Don't be scared, not of monsters, not of witches, not of big dogs. And now, snapping loud from every direction: Be scared, you have to be scared, ordering like this is your one absolute duty. Be scared you're fat, be scared your boobs are too big and be scared they're too small. Be scared to walk on your own, specially anywhere quiet enough that you can hear yourself think. Be scared of wearing the wrong stuff, saying the wrong thing, having a stupid laugh, being uncool. Be scared of guys not fancying you; be scared of guys, they're animals, rabid, can't stop themselves. Be scared of girls, they're all vicious, they'll cut you down before you can cut them. Be scared of strangers. Be scared you won't do well enough in your exams, be scared of getting in trouble. Be scared terrified petrified that everything you are is every kind of wrong. Good girl.

— Tana French

That is a lovely quilt, recruit," he says.
"Thank you, sir."
"It's the envy of every little girl in Brisadulce. I saw them sitting on the wall today, staring at that blanket and asking their mothers if they could join the Guard so they could have one just like it. Is that what you want, recruit? You want a Guard full of girls?"
"If they can fight well enough to defend the King, sir.

— Rae Carson

There, all gone, Luce." And the little girl continued to open and squint shut her eyes. "All gone," she said eventually. Then, "More 'tato!" and the hunt began again. Inside, Isabel swept the floor in every room, gathering the sandy dust into piles in the corner, ready to gather up. Returning from a quick inspection of the bread in the oven, she found a trail leading all through the cottage, thanks to Lucy's attempts with the dustpan.

— M.L. Stedman

I feel blessed that I still have the little Dolly in my heart, I'm still the same girl that wants to squeeze every little drop out of life that I can.

— Dolly Parton

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