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Ever Ready Quotes

A satyagrahi, whilst he is ever ready to fight, must be equally eager for peace.
— Mahatma Gandhi —

Yeah? ... Oh, hell no, I got Pidge here with me. We're just gettin' ready to go to bed ... Shut the fuck up, Trent, that's not funny ... Seriously? What's he doin' in town" He looked at me and sigued. "All right. We'll be there in half an hour ... You heard me, douchebag. Because I don't go anywhere without her, that's why. Do you want me to pound your face when I get there?" Travis hung up and shook his head. I raised an eyebrow. "That is the weirdest conversation I've ever heard.

— Jamie McGuire

Whoever desires to found a state and give it laws, must start with assuming that all men are bad and ever ready to display their vicious nature, whenever they may find occasion for it.

— Niccolò Machiavelli

Races and nations are thus ever ready to believe the worst of one another.

— Richard Le Gallienne

None of us is ever ready

— George R.R. Martin

I don't know if anybody's ever ready for another award season. It's kind of like Christmas.

— James McAvoy

Even if I'd been wide awake, I knew Dimitri would've taken my suitcase anyway. That's how he was, a lost remnant of chivalry in the modern world, ever-ready to help others.

— Richelle Mead

I'm a showgirl, as you can tell. I'm ever ready.

— Dolly Parton

Sometimes, too, she told him of what she had read, such as a passage in a novel, of a new play, or an anecdote of the "upper ten" that she had seen in a feuilleton; for, after all, Charles was something, an ever-open ear, and ever-ready approbation. She confided many a thing to her greyhound. She would have done so to the logs in the fireplace or to the pendulum of the clock.

— Gustave Flaubert

Nothing of that which is conducive to help man, collectively or individually, to live not "happily" but less unhappily in this world, ought to be indifferent to the Theosophist-Occultist. It is no concern of his whether his help benefits a man in his worldly or spiritual progress; his first duty is to be ever ready to help if he can, without stopping to philosophize.

— H. P. Blavatsky

Everything is full of sacramental substance, everything. Each thing and each function is ever ready to light up into a sacrament.

— Martin Buber

Ready? No one is ever ready, my boy. But some do what they plan to do and some never will. The difference between the two is that the first group understand that they need to start somewhere, so they do so. Straight away

— Chris Murray

A satyagrahi, whilst he is ever ready to fight, must be equally eager for peace.

— Mahatma Gandhi

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