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Encircles Quotes

The established church of the town of Mansoul has the Devil for its archbishop. Sin has enclasped our nature as a boa constrictor encircles its victim, and when it has maintained its hold for twenty, forty, or sixty years, I hope you are not so foolish as to think that holy things will easily get the mastery.
— Charles Haddon Spurgeon —

They don't sleep here." My brow furrows. "How do you know?" "I just know," he says. "I can tell by looking at it." Before I can ask him any more, the curtain in the living room moves. The door yanks open, my mother appearing, eyes wide. She looks frantic. "Karissa," she shouts, her voice high-pitched, full of panic. "Oh God. Get away from him, sweetie." I blink a few times, caught off guard, as Naz slips his arms around me, pulling me flush against him. One arm encircles my waist as his other settles along my chest,

— J.M. Darhower

Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the Capitol. We're very familiar with each other's screams."
Annie, who's on Johanna's other side, does that thing where she covers her ears and exits reality. Finnick shoots Johanna an angry look as his arm encircles Annie.
"What? My head doctor says I'm not supposed to censor my thoughts. It's part of my therapy," replies Johanna.

— Suzanne Collins

The Arctic Ocean encircles with a belt of eternal ice the desert confines of Siberia and North America
the uttermost limits of the Old and New worlds, separated by the narrow, channel, known as Behring's Straits.

— Eugene Sue

That one flag encircles us with its folds today, the unrivaled object of our loyal love.

— Benjamin Harrison

This great circle of sisters will be a protection for each of you and for your families. The Relief Society might be likened to a refuge- the place of safety and protection- the sanctuary of ancient times. You will be safe within it. It encircles each sister like a protecting wall.

— Boyd K. Packer

Human reason is a pin dancing on the head of an angel, so small is it in comparison to the Divine vastness that encircles us.

— Margaret Atwood

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