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Elissa Quotes

Elissa pulled away from Stepmama and rose to her feet. She gazed down at Mr Collingwoods tormented face and smoothed back the jet-black hair from his fore- head. I could have sworn I saw a glowing halo rise around her as she spoke. "You must forgive me, my love, and learn to forget me, for my sake." "Oh, my Lord," I said. "Youve been waiting your whole life for this, havent you?" "Can you doubt it?" said Angeline. "Look at the two of them! Hes as bad as she is.
— Stephanie Burgis —

After a long moment, Cadan said, "What - what is it for?" His voice cracked as he spoke, and Stewart threw him an irritated look.
Lin made a little noise that would have sounded like a laugh if there had been any real mirth in it. "They didn't tell us THAT."
"And it-" Cadan swallowed, then continued.
"Lissa said it hurts?"
"Hurts?" Lin let her hair slide back over her neck, raised her head to look at him. "Yes, it hurts." Once again there was a sound like laughter in her voice, but with a note to it that made Elissa go cold.
-Linked, pp 265

— Imogen Howson

He moved now, A tiny jerk of movement, and Elissa saw what she hadn't grasped before. that his fingers showed white and bloodless against he dark blue of his jacket, that his face was so tense that skin seemed to stretch taut over the bones beneath. Then he spoke, and she realized he wasn't calm. He was violently angry.
"WHY, Captain?" he said, so much suppressed anger in his voice that it felt as if it would shatter something. "I would have the the real question was WHY NOT?

— Imogen Howson

She could understand being so in love it robbed you of your balance, your judgment of good and evil, but she could not make the leap to acting out the passion or the violence as Elissa had. There was nothing worth winning at the cost of your own being, the soul, the integrity that was the core of who you were. The act of doing such a thing made it impossible for you to hold the good, even if you could grasp it for an instant.

— Anne Perry

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