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There is a God within us and intercourse with heaven. [Lat., Est deus in nobis; et sunt commercia coeli.]
— Ovid —

The text, written in Latin, was inspired by a fifteenth-century chef known as Maestro Martino and was called De honesta voluptate et valitudine, On honest pleasures and good health.

— Bill Buford

What is the difference between "creator" and "craftsman"? The one who creates bestows being itself, he brings something out of nothing-ex nihilo sui et subiecti, as the Latin puts it-and this, in the strict sense, is a mode of operation which belongs to the Almighty alone. The craftsman, by contrast, uses something that already exists, to which he gives form and meaning.

— Pope John Paul II

Oh shit. ET just phoned home.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

Luc let out a strangled, hoarse laugh. Oh shit. ET so phoned home, kids.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

You know, Saudi Arabia has a lot of poverty also. Regardless about what you hear about the viceroy and people being rich, et cetera.

— Al-Waleed Bin Talal

Every label thinks, when they sign someone, 'This is the perfect pedigree to sign. They're cute, they can sing, they can dance, et cetera.' And they say to the public, 'Here, this is what you're gonna like.' But you might say, 'No, I don't like that!' You'll probably say 'no' many more times than you'll say 'yes!'

— Randy Jackson

It's so awful, attacking your child. It's the worse thing I know, to shout loudly at this 50 lb. being with his huge trusting brown eyes. It's like bitch-slapping E.T.

— Anne Lamott

I'm pretty sure my love affair with science-fiction started with ET.

— Shiloh Walker

Inside, they pretended they would dream, but they did not. They sprawled on the living room sofa and Adam studied the tattoo that covered Ronan's back: all the sharp edges that hooked wondrously and fearfully into each other.
'Unguibus et rostro,' Adam said.
Ronan put Adam's fingers to his mouth.
He was never sleeping again.

— Maggie Stiefvater

History, sociology, economics, psychology et al. confirmed Joyce's view of Everyman as victim.

— Robert Anton Wilson

I actually think the chances that we'll find E.T. are pretty good.

— Seth Shostak

I've long suspected that one of the reasons why human beings haven't yet figured out how to carry on a conversation with bottlenosed porpoises, African gray parrots, et al. in their own language is quite simply that we're terrified of what they might say to us - not least because it's entirely possible that they'd be right.

— John Michael Greer

Modo, et modo, non habebent modum.
By-and-by has no end.

— Saint Augustine

The guitar to me, from the classical/gut-string guitar right through to Hendrix, et cetera, has all the range [of sound]. Within those six strings it is incredible what one can get sound-wise. It's just down to imagination, really.

— Jimmy Page

This is a proof of a well-trained mind, to rejoice in what is good and to grieve at the opposite.
[Lat., Ergo hoc proprium est animi bene constituti, et laetari bonis rebus, et dolere contrariis.]

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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