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Now look. You stand well. Good profile. Listen, lad, how would you like to be in moving pictures? Er, said Victor. No. I dont think so. The man gaped at him. You did hear what I said, didnt you? he said. Moving pictures? Yes. Everyone wants to be in moving pictures! No, thanks, said Victor, politely. Im sure its a worthwhile job, but moving pictures doesnt sound very interesting to me.
— Terry Pratchett —

Every writer at least once in his/er lifetime creates a character who loves books.

— Himanshu Chhabra

I hope this one's a show-er and not a grower, or I'm a dead woman.

— Kresley Cole

Now look. You stand well. Good profile. Listen, lad, how would you like to be in moving pictures?'
'Er,' said Victor. 'No. I don't think so.'
The man gaped at him.
'You did hear what I said, didn't you?' he said. 'Moving pictures?'
'Everyone wants to be in moving pictures!'
'No, thanks,' said Victor, politely. 'I'm sure it's a worthwhile job, but moving pictures doesn't sound very interesting to me.

— Terry Pratchett

What use is care? What good is watching for that matter? People are forever watching things. They should be seeing. I see the things I look at. I am a see-er.

— Patrick Rothfuss

Soms krijg ik de indruk dat wij jonge mensen, die in het domein van strikte coherentie zijn opgevoed, binnen de grenzen van het puur wetenschappelijke denken, het moeilijker hebben dan anderen: we zien te goed hoeveel fouten er altijd maar weer worden gemaakt in de hele wereld, door de geschiedenis, de generaties, de individuen heen, maar dat we het zien betekent nog niet dat we er iets aan kunnen doen.

— Paolo Giordano

No, that is boring. If people want to see medical stuff they should watch ER.

— Mindy Kaling

It's nice to be thought of as attractive and all of that. On the other hand, it curtails you somewhat, too. They won't let me read for 'West Wing,' just to play, you know, a normal person. Or 'ER,' to play a doctor - the things I'm actually good at. I mean, I'm pretty good on foreign policy - they won't even let me come read for that.

— Morgan Fairchild

Er was een dokter in de zaal.

— Herman Koch

Seeing is more than a physiological phenomenon ... We see not only with our eyes but with all that we are and all that our culture is. The artist is a professional see-er.

— Dorothea Lange

Turned my back to dip the cloth into the bowl, and said offhandedly over my shoulder, "Er, I did my legs, too." I stole a quick glance over my shoulder. The original shock was fading into a look of total bewilderment. "Your legs dinna smell like anything," he said. "Unless you've been walkin' knee-deep in the cow-byre.

— Diana Gabaldon

I knew Linda Cardellini from when we did ER together - she was always great, such a cool spirit.

— John Leguizamo

I went to Buckingham Palace and I wanted to take something from there, but there was nothing good to steal, although I did nick some serviettes with ER and Her Majesty on them from the Jubilee celebrations.

— Konnie Huq

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