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Drug Addict Quotes

Sherlock Holmes was a drug addict without a single amiable trait.
— George Bernard Shaw —

An alcoholic will steal your wallet and lie to you. A drug addict will steal your wallet and then help you look for it.

— David Sheff

But I'm not a saint yet. I'm an alcoholic. I'm a drug addict. I'm homosexual. I'm a genius.

— Truman Capote

Being mad at a drug addict for doing what drug addicts do, is like being mad at a shark for doing what sharks do, or being mad at a cockroach for doing what cockroaches do.

— Oliver Markus

Happy is one of the many things I'm likely to be over the course of a day and certainly over the course of a lifetime. But I think if you have the expectation that you're going to be happy throughout your life
more to the point, if you have a need to be comfortable all the time
well, among other things, you have the makings of a classic drug addict or alcoholic.

— Carrie Fisher

The one who has the little need is the one who controls the whole relationship. You can see this dynamic so clearly because usually in every relationship there is one who loves the most and the other who doesn't love, who only takes advantage of the one who gives his or her heart. You can see the way they manipulate each other, their actions and reactions, and they are just like the provider and the drug addict.

— Miguel Ruiz

It's nice to play a character who's written as a mixed race character and is not a drug addict.

— Howard Charles

I was, I am and I always will be a drug addict. A person who gets involved in drugs has to fight it everyday.

— Diego Maradona

I've been a practicing alcoholic and drug addict for most of my life.

— Ozzy Osbourne

It doesn't have the ability to think rationally this economic model. It thinks like a drug addict: 'Where can I get my next fix?' It doesn't learn wisely. Any kind of measure of natural wisdom would be: you make a mistake, you correct it the next time around. But a drug addict feels terrible ... and then says: 'I want more'. Unfortunately we have an economic model that thinks like a crack addict.

— Naomi Klein

If you want a cow to be not just a cow but a milk machine, you can do a very good job at that by creating new hormones like the Bovine Growth Hormone. It might make the cow very ill, it might turn it into a drug addict, and it might even create consumer scares about the health and safety aspects of the milk. But we've gotten so used to manipulating objects and organisms and ecosystems for a single objective that we ignore the costs involved. I call this the "monoculture of the mind."

— Vandana Shiva

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