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Dream Higher Quotes

Purpose will make you realise the reason of your existence, it will restore your mind sight, you will start to dream and you will see visions. Your dreams will lead you to set goals, goals will lead you to mission accomplishments and vision will take you to the higher places.
— Euginia Herlihy —

The thing about the Lexington International Bank ladder was that it was very long, and climbing it was very exhausting, and so Andrew Brown didn't have a lot of time to think about whether he really wanted to get to the top of it-and besides, since so many other people were climbing too, the view from the top must be worth it.
So he kept going. He worked hard. He put his heart and mind and soul into it. There was an opening for a position half a rung higher than he already was. With a promotion, he might get two hours a week of a secretary's time. He'd go to more important meetings, with more senior people, and have the opportunity to impress them, and if he did he might be promoted again and then ... well, of course eventually he'd be running the whole office. It's important to have a dream: otherwise you might notice where you really are.

— Naomi Alderman

The purpose is to dream and to share our dreams with the world.The higher source of dreams[God]blesses us with these dreams to be a blessing to others.

— Euginia Herlihy

The idealists dream and the dream is told, and the practical men listen and ponder and bring back the truth and apply it to human life, and progress and growth and higher human ideals come into being and so the world moves ever on.

— Anna Howard Shaw

There's always ways of motivating yourself to higher levels. Write about it, dream about it. But after that, turn it into action. Don't just dream.

— Dan Gable

The tragedy of life is what makes it worthwhile. I think that any life which merits living lies in the effort to realize some dream, and the higher that dream is, the harder it is to realize. Most decidedly we must all have our dreams. If one hasn't them, one might as well be dead. The only success is in failure. Any man who has a big enough dream must be a failure and must accept that as one of the conditions of being alive. If ever he thinks for a moment that he is a success, then he is finished

— Eugene O'Neill

This is a universal human dream - that brains, not brawn, will rule - and the fact that America has the world's finest institutions of higher education may be our greatest single national asset.

— David Ignatius

The infantile dream-state of the mass man is so unrealistic that he never thinks to ask who is paying for this paradise. The balancing of accounts is left to a higher political or social authority, which welcomes the task, for its power is thereby increased; and the more power it has, the weaker and more helpless the individual becomes.

— C.G. Jung

This is what I want for entrepreneurs, especially for women: to believe in themselves, to dream bigger, reach higher, and to achieve success beyond their wildest expectations.

— Kay Koplovitz

Redeem the time. Redeem the unread vision of a higher dream ...

— T.S. Eliot

Like a goddess on her azure hill, the star of my ambition, the mistress of my dream; a thing apart, that we can worship, but not touch; a wild desire, that, in the madness of the thought, soars higher in its dignity, and leaves me weeping in the dust.

— William Batchelder Greene

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