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Downer Quotes

Im a downer. Ive been depressed my whole life. Figure it out.
— Rodney Dangerfield —

Little brother, I don't mean to be a downer, but we're talking about War here. There's no way to mitigate damages. He won't let us. I was there with twenty-five Chthonians to fight him and he spanked our hides like we were Lemurian slave women. Two of us had our hearts ripped out and shoved down our throats while he laughed, then he licked the blood clean from his fingers and came at the rest of us. (Savitar)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

If I really cared about Matt, I wouldn't want him to be unhappy. And I was fairly sure that mourning the untimely death of a live-in lover was likely to be a bit of a downer, at least for a day or two.

— J.L. Merrow

Ife can sure be a downer.

— Beatrice Sparks

But, you know, it's still a drag to get your picture taken when you're eating a sandwich. It's a downer.

— Keanu Reeves

Debbie Downer was one of the few sketches where I broke, and I remember watching Heratio Sanz laugh so hard that tears squirted out of his eyes. I still believe that sketch may be a cure for low-level depression if watched regularly.

— Amy Poehler

I'm not trying to make this a downer, understand. I mean, I really do think that love is the best thing in
the world, except for cough drops. But I also have to say, for the umpty-umpth time, that life isn't fair. It's
just fairer than death, that's all.

— William Goldman

There'll be moments when I'm out in the prison yard, chatting with the cast and the crew, getting ready to shoot a scene. And then I'll remember if I were actually an inmate, I'd only be out there an hour. The other 23 hours of the day, I'd be in my cell. It's kind of a downer.

— Wentworth Miller

One of the things I did when I discovered this huge importance of being vulnerable is very happily moved away from the shame research, because that's such a downer, and people hate that topic. It's not that vulnerability is the upside, but it's better than shame, I guess.

— Brene Brown

And how many more of these stinking, double-downer sideshows will we have to go through before we can get ourselves straight enough to put together some kind of national election that will give me and the at least 20 million people I tend to agree with a chance to vote for something, instead of always being faced with that old familiar choice between the lesser of two evils? I

— Hunter S. Thompson

No movie can be a downer that fills you with pure exhilaration. You leave WALL-E with a feeling of the rarest kind: that you've just enjoyed a close encounter with an enduring classic.

— Peter Travers

I really hate to be Debbie Downer right now, because everyone would love to say, "Yeah, we're finally doing something on climate!"

— Josh Fox

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