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Doggy Quotes

The Duchess looked at Chloe with a look that said, You had the chance to tell him, but you chose to carry on the lie. How do I know that the Duchesss look said this? Because there is an excellent book in my local library entitled One Thousand Doggy Expressions Explained by Professor L. Stone. I digress.
— David Walliams —

They just didn't make them like that anymore. Nowadays she was lucky to get some mild flirtation from some leather-faced NRA lobbyist. Forget about doggy-style on an eighteenth-century canopied bed by a certified KGB agent who said things like beg for it my little Yankee poodle.

— Magnus Flyte

Too cowardly to be a warrior, but not enough of a coward to lie down and roll over like a good doggy.

— David Mitchell

Word  ...  I like this hip-hop! You got more of it?" "Yeah, Doggystyle comes out soon and I'll send it to you." When I got Doggystyle, my dad took it away. "What is this stuff? These dogs are having sex on the back! Who is this Doggy Dog?

— Eddie Huang

I haven't got the heart to take the mickey out of him, even," said Fred, looking over at Ron's crumpled figure. "Mind you ... when he missed the fourteenth ... "
He made wild motions with his arms as though doing an upright doggy-paddle.
"Well, I'll save it for parties, eh?

— J.K. Rowling

I have a doggy, a Japanese Akita, who I live to play with.

— Corey Haim

I learned how to take other people's mechanisms of promoting their stuff through me as opposed to promoting my own stuff, as far as getting Snoop DeVilles, SnoopDeGrills, Snoop Doggy Dogg biscuits, Snoop Dogg record label, Snoop Dogg bubble gum, Snoop Youth Football League.

— Snoop Dogg

My wife and I practice "Doggy Style:" I beg, she rolls over.

— Steven Rice

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