Dog Leash Quotes

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Dog Leash Quotes

The dog leash was still tied tight around the oak tree in the back, stretched worn and limp across the green grass as if trying to escape to freedom; and he buried his wife without a tombstone. Where before, she sat most times in his home, licking her wounds.
— Anthony Liccione —

Casper, she said someone has to hold your leash.
The dog barked.
Then he dipped his head, picked up the end of the leash in his mouth, and trotted after his master.

— Brigid Kemmerer

When you walk a dog on a short leash, she's close enough to bite you.

— Ilona Andrews

Say to a blind man, you're free, open the door that was separating him from the world, Go, you are free, we tell him once more, and he does not go, he has remained motionless there in the middle of the road, he and the others, they are terrified, they do not know where to go, the fact is that there is no comparison between living in a rational labyrinth, which is, by definition, a mental asylum and venturing forth, without a guiding hand or a dog-leash, into the demented labyrinth of the city, where memory will serve no purpose, for it will merely be able to recall the images of places but not the paths whereby we might get there.

— José Saramago

I'm no one's lap dog, you can't put me on a leash.

— John Lydon

There is no more off-leash reliable, calm, sophisticated, go-with-you-anywhere dog than a trained sheepdog.

— Donald McCaig

My dog, Ginger, is jumpy-like me-sensitive to sound and sudden movement. She wasn't that way at first, but not long after we got her, my grandfather told me to stand still outside and hold her leash tight. Then he shot a gun off by our feet, several times. "This is how girls learn to obey," he said, "how to be seen and not heard."

— Mira Bartok

What you run away from owns you. You are the dog on a leash. The most you can do is to tug against the leash.

— Adyashanti

An animal on a leash is not tamed by the owner. The owner is extending himself through the leash to that part of his personality which is pure dog, that part of him which just wants to eat, sleep, bark, hump chairs, wet the floor in joy, and drink out of a toilet bowl.

— Diane Ackerman

A dog gets lonesome just like a human. He wants to associate with other dogs, but when they take him out, the poor dog is on a leash and cannot run around.

— Langston Hughes

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