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Do What You Like Quotes

Its an attitude of superiority. We are superior to the rest of life. The Book of Genesis says: Increase and multiply and have dominion over the birds of the air and the animals and so forth. You run it; its yours; do what you like with it. I dont know how old that text is, but it represents an attitude that probably really got going with the beginning of agriculture. Before that, the hunter-gatherers were gentler people than the agriculture.
— W.S. Merwin —

The modern materialist often makes it simply: "Do what you like," and then rushes off to ask his psychoanalyst when he no longer likes anything.

— Joy Davidman

He used to tell me, 'Do what you like to do. It'll probably turn out to be what you do best.

— Wallace Stegner

Yakov, if one becomes Hitler, just one - my God, you know what we've got!'
'No,' Liebermann said. 'No, I've been thinking about this for weeks. I say in my talks it takes two things to make it happen again, a new Hitler and social conditions like in the thirties. But that's not true. It takes three things: the Hitler, the conditions ... and the people to follow the Hitler.'
'And don't you think he'd find them?'
'No, not enough of them. I really think people are better and smarter now, not so much thinking their leaders are God. The television makes a big difference. And history, knowing ... Some he'd find, yes; but no more, I think- I hope- than the pretend Hitlers we have now ...

— Ira Levin

Free her!
Do what you like,
only free her!
Have you no pity?
Your lover makes
a passionate plea!
Please, Raoul, it's useless ...
I love her!
Does that mean nothing?
I love her!
Show some compassion ...
The world showed no
compassion to me!

— Charles Hart

Complete freedom consists of being able to do what you like, provided you also do something you like less.

— Italo Svevo

Just do what you like to do, and do it all the time.

— Leif Garrett

Do what you want to do. Do what you like to do.

— Lei Jun

Be strong and follow your own convictions. You can't assume there is a lot of time to do what you like. This is what David Bowie is afraid of: that he will die before he gets a chance to make a real strong contribution.

— Marc Bolan

Liberty is the right to do what I like; license, the right to do what you like.

— Bertrand Russell

Love, and do what you like.

— Saint Augustine

Do you think Charlotte will let me handle the investigation?"
"Do you think you can be trusted in Downworld? The gaming hells, the dens of magical vice, the women of loose morals ... "
Will smiled the way Lucifer might have smiled, moments before he fell from heaven. "Would tomorrow be to early to start looking, do you think?
Jem sighed. 'Do what you like, William. You always do.

— Cassandra Clare

Do what you like and do it honestly.

— Tom DeLonge

Freedom is not the permission to do what you like. It's the power to do what you ought.

— Os Guinness

Authority ought to be there only to serve its particular community by removing restrictions on freedom of expression and action under my golden rule of 'Do what you like so long as you don't impose it on others'. Authority's role should be in protecting the unwilling from the will of another. After that, they should push off and leave us alone.

— David Icke

My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.

— U.G. Krishnamurti

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