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Distract Yourself Quotes

Its easier to ignore all the bad shit in the light. Distract yourself with work and TV and other people. The dark is just ... bad memories. Bad dreams. I dont like to be left alone with all that.
— Ruthie Knox —

Fourth, you learn how to distract yourself from depressing thoughts.

— Martin E.P. Seligman

It's just an accident that we happen to be on earth, enjoying our silly little moments, distracting ourselves as often as possible so we don't have to really face up to the fact that, you know, we're just temporary people with a very short time in a universe that will eventually be completely gone. And everything that you value, whether it's Shakespeare, Beethoven, da Vinci, or whatever, will be gone. The earth will be gone. The sun will be gone. There'll be nothing. The best you can do to get through life is distraction. Love works as a distraction. And work works as a distraction. You can distract yourself a billion different ways. But the key is to distract yourself.

— Woody Allen

Do not run hither and thither and distract yourself by changing your abode; for such restlessness is the sign of a disordered spirit.

— Seneca

Yes. Now, you might not want to become so friendly with your fellow patients on the floor." "Why not?" "That can distract people from the healing process." "How?" "This is a hospital. It's not a place to make friends. Friends are wonderful, but this place is about you and making you feel better." "But ... " I fidget. "I respect Humble. I respect Bobby. I have more respect for them after a day and a half than I do for most people ... in the world, really." "Just be careful of forming close relationships, Craig. Focus on yourself.

— Ned Vizzini

When you learn to force yourself to go to the gym or start your homework or eat a salad instead of a hamburger, part of what's happening is that you're changing how you think," said Todd Heatherton, a researcher at Dartmouth who has worked on willpower studies.5.11 "People get better at regulating their impulses. They learn how to distract themselves from temptations. And once you've gotten into that willpower groove, your brain is

— Charles Duhigg

Waiting is about being still. You can't keep busy every minute, otherwise you're not waiting. You're just throwing things around to distract yourself ... You don't get to a place by constantly moving, even if your journey is only one of sitting still and waiting. Every once in a while you have to stop in your tracks ... You have to see what you did not see before.

— Rachel Joyce

The more you can distract yourself, the better.

— Suzanne Collins

Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody says distract you from your goals.

— Michelle Obama

The desire to please other people is a potent way to distract yourself from what you are feeling.

— Gary Zukav

Do not let pleasure distract you from meditation, from the way. Free yourself from pleasure and pain.

— Gautama Buddha

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