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You wanna be friends?" Click click. Was that so impossible? Was he so mad, suddenly disliked her so much again, that he didnt want to be in the same building? "Yes." "Friends like before or after we had sex on the floor?" Her thumb stopped. "Before." "Not interested." "Why?" "Because I dont want to be your friend." "Oh." She swallowed her disappointment. It might be for the best, but she suddenly didnt want what was for the best. She didnt want to hate Sam and have Sam hate her. What choice did she have? "Okay." "I want to be your lover. I cant pretend I dont want more. I want to be with you, Autumn. I want to get you naked and throw your legs over my shoulders" She dropped the pen. "I want to leave a mark on the inside of your thigh.
— Rachel Gibson —

William wondered why he always disliked people who said 'no offense meant.' Maybe it was because they found it easier to to say 'no offense meant' than actually to refrain from giving offense.

— Terry Pratchett

He looked on people, and he neither liked nor disliked them. He looked on life and was neither heartened nor saddened.

— Margaret Mitchell

I lived in the Republic of Ireland. I wrote a book about the North but as an outsider. The hatreds there were not mine. I never felt them. I liked how open in most ways Catalan nationalism was, compared to Irish nationalism. I disliked the violence and cruelty in Ireland.

— Colm Toibin

I knew that people disliked me, and there always will be, but that's the price you pay for being in the limelight, so to speak.

— Tyler Hamilton

He gave them advice in media relations and arbitration technique, he told them how to organize cells and committees, to elect leaders. They were so ignorant! Young men and women, educated very carefully to be apolitical, to be technicians who thought they disliked politics, making them putty in the hands of their rulers, just like always. It was appalling how stupid they were, really, and he could not help lashing into them. He left to cheers.

— Anonymous.

I disliked having a fork pointed at me and I disliked the sound of the voice never stopping; I wished he would put food on the fork and put it into his mouth and strangle himself.

— Shirley Jackson

The beach was hours away by bicycle, forbidden, completely out of all bounds. Going there risked expulsion, destroyed the studying I was going to do for an important test the next morning, blasted the reasonable amount of order I wanted to maintain in my life, and it also involved the kind of long, labored bicycle ride I hated. "All right," I said. We got our bikes and slipped away from Devon along a back road. Having invited me Finny now felt he had to keep me entertained. He told long, wild stories about his childhood; as I pumped panting up steep hills he glided along beside me, joking steadily. He analyzed my character, and he insisted on knowing what I disliked most about him ("You're too conventional," I said).

— John Knowles

There are few surer ways to become disliked by men than to perform well where they have performed poorly.

— Bryant H. McGill

One escapes; but one always has to come back. I found too I disliked not being in command of myself.

— Dorothy Dunnett

I'm a pretty easygoing guy. I'm not hard to get along with. I never had anybody that I had trouble with. On the other team, sometimes you don't like players because of the way they act, but then you get to know them and then they're very good people. But I never disliked anybody.

— Bengie Molina

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