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Different Species Quotes

My nonviolence does recognize different species of violence, defensive and offensive.
— Mahatma Gandhi —

Fortunately for me, I ran across some girls I could get along with so I could enjoy high school life okay, but it must be awful for kids who don't get along with anybody. We're different from our parents, a completely different species from our teachers. And kids who are one grade apart you are in a different world altogether. In other words, we're basically surrounded by enemies and have to make it on our own.

— Natsuo Kirino

Do you ever think you might be a different species of human, knitted out of raw DNA in a laboratory like in The Island of Doctor Moreau, and then turned loose to see if you can pass yourself off as normal or not?

— David Mitchell

Most of the time, it felt like my father and I were completely different species. Possibly literally, depending on the day and whether or not I actually qualified as human at the time.

— Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I used to have 30 different species of tarantulas, as well as two Australian scorpions that are considered the deadliest in the world. If stung by one, a person would die in 30 minutes. But when I had kids I had to get rid of them, of course. Those were intense!

— Jonathan Davis

Of course he would count the time that we'd been two entirely different species.

— Maggie Stiefvater

You look like Eidolon," she said quietly. "But you're so different."
He grunted. "All Seminus demons are nearly identical to their siblings, but our behavior varies because we're raised by different species."
"But ... Wraith. He's blond."
"His eyes are blue."
"That's because they aren't his."
"They aren't his eyes?"

— Larissa Ione

Avisitor from Mars contemplating a man in a frock coat and top hat and a woman in a crinoline might well have supposed that they belonged to different species.

— James Laver

There may be ten million different species on the earth, or a hundred million species. The forest canopy is the earth's secret ocean, and it is inhabited by many living things that don't have names, and are vanishing before they have even been seen by human eyes.

— Richard Preston

[Children are] like talking animals. Their consciousness is so different from ours that they constitute a different species. They don't have to be particularly interesting children; just the fact that they are children is sufficient. They don't know what anything is, so they have to make it up. No matter how dull they are, they still have to figure things out for themselves.

— Fran Lebowitz

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