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Denomination Quotes

Why is understanding church models essential in enabling a citys churches to work together in unity? Without this understanding, there will be no catholicity in your city. Unless you accept the fact that there is not one exclusively biblical church model, you will not see the need for strong fellowship and connections to other denominations and networks, which usually embody different emphases and strengths than the ones that characterize your model. Whats more, there also will be no catholicity in your church, denomination, or movement.
— Timothy Keller —

Faith encompasses so much more than a denomination!

— Deborah Brodie

May the life I live speak for me, not my religion or denomination title.

— Dee Dee M. Scott

The very last thing I want to do is to unsettle in the mind of any Christian, whatever his denomination, the concepts
for him traditional
by which he finds it profitable to represent to himself what is happening when he receives the bread and wine. I could wish that no definitions had ever been felt to be necessary; and, still more, that none had been allowed to make divisions between churches.

— C.S. Lewis

I don't consider myself any denomination.

— Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Where any one body of educated men, of whatever denomination, are condemned indiscriminately, there must be a deficiency of information, (or smiling) of something else.

— Jane Austen

In America you have the right to worship any way you choose. That's why virtually every faith and every denomination on Earth has a presence in our land. You have a right to not believe in God at all.

— Marco Rubio

In 1962 (Engel v. Vitale), the Supreme Court explained that the word 'church' would no longer mean a federally established denomination; it would now mean a religious activity in public.

— David Barton

When a denomination begins to consider doctrine divisive, theology troublesome, and convictions inconvenient, consider that denomination on its way to a well-deserved death.

— Albert Mohler

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