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Defeat Opponent Quotes

One of the common traits of outstanding performers-coaches, athletes, managers, sales representatives, executives, and others who face a daily up/down, win/lose accounting system-is that a rejection, that is, defeat, is quickly forgotten, replaced eagerly by pursuit of a new order, client, or opponent.
— Bill Walsh —

The ultimate fighter does not rely on his hands or feet to defeat his opponent, but rather his mind.

— M.J. Stoddard

Victory is sweet, but sweeter when your opponent is butt-ass naked in defeat.

— Allison Brennan

It is life's only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life.

— Yann Martel

I look coolly in to the blue eyes of the person who is now my greatest opponent, the person who would keep me alive at his own expense. And I promise myself I will defeat his plan.

— Suzanne Collins

Anyone who is serious about jiu-jitsu should know that the ability to defeat an opponent is nothing more than a metaphor for the ultimate combat, for the most significant victories are the ones we accomplish within ourselves

— Rorion Gracie

Anger. Control your anger. If you hold anger toward others, they have control over you.Your opponent can dominate and defeat you if you allow him to get you irritated.

— Miyamoto Musashi

In Randori we teach the pupil to act on the fundamental principles of Judo, no matter how physically inferior his opponent may seem to him, and even if by sheer strength he can easily overcome him; because if he acts contrary to principle his opponent will never be convinced of defeat, no matter what brute strength he may have used.

— Kano Jigoro

Negative energy that comes at you in some form is energy that can be turned around - to defeat an opponent and lift you up.

— Curtis Jackson

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